Countdown to 2023 General election, Some magic and mysterious event would come to reality. Few of us foreseen those things and we are not silent about it,  But don't say we don't warned you.                        

             The enemies of Nigeria state and her God given potentials have their Plan A,B, and C. to get to the sit of power. TINUBU refusal to step down for the Younger  candidates like PYO and co is an act of selling the Yoruba's and the entire nation to Fulanis.

We are not prophets but God helped  some of us to know their evil plans, and we would be informing you about their next line of actions,  we are not going to be  silent about it. 


 Bearly two months after our very own, Baba Asiwaju  Bola Ahmed Tinubu Struggled to buy his way to the Villa with his lifelong Ambition, he has been sidelined just as we predicted. he is very much aware of the Northern Fulani agender but He was solely relying on his Initial and Known political Strategies to climb the sit of power,Ignoring the fact that Northern Fulani want to Dominate Nigeria just as they succeeded in Iloring,Northern Nigeria and some other West African states.

From fake Bishops at Shettima unveiling, to Shettima representing BAT at the NBA conference and Down to this Movement, BAT has being override by The Northern forces on account of his age and Health conditions.

            Just the way PMB was silent and made to act their scripts, BAT has not been Elected but has been systematically  substituted and replaced by This Bokoharam  commander (Shettima)  in the name of Representation. 

They even plan to Rig this coming election but certainly not for BAT for the Fulanis/Terrorist.

Fellow Nigerian People, wake from your slumber, get your PVC, should there be any Election in 2023, This Bokoharam Comnander must be stopped by all mean.

            "TINUBU IS NO LONGER IN THE RACE" I stands to be Quoted anywhere.

            Incase you are still hiding and Queueing behind Yoruba,Hausa or Igbo political Theories and Religion sentiment, am here to tell you that you are one of the ignorants ana potential victims of Ignorance and unforeseen circumstances. You may need to run to your village for safety when the time comes but unfortunately, Killer herdsmen are now everywhere whether North ,south or West and their  Attacks on innocent People are most likely to start from the village that you intend to run to and if after all our Efforts, struggle to expose these wicked to people and you still go ahead and vote Shettima in place of Jagaban, God will not allow you and your family to excape the Consequences of your action or inaction, Your visa would be Rejected by the foreign country. and all of us would be here to witness the outcome.   

Don't say we didn't Tell you.

BAT is no longer in the Race to the Villa. 

Everything about his Ambition is now shrouded in Secrecy. 


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