Buhari’s 75,000 Vs Sowore’s 100,000 - Femi Adeyeye

It was as if Sowore announced that aliens were about to take over the Nigerian space, when he rolled out some of the welfare plans of the AAC party, which includes working out a scheme that will pay each Nigerian University student a Cost of Living/Study Allowance of 100,000 Naira per Semester. 

The shock that greeted the promise during that period did not come from any debate by his opponents or their allies, because they never argued it. The people who argued most are the so-called intellectuals; Economists on Facebook and Policy Analysts on Twitter. 

“Where will the money come from?”, “Is it sustainable?” “Will they now receive more than the minimum wage?” “What is the value of the intercept?” “Will it hit the gradient of Humanity Vs Belliconomics curve?” (I made this up 😀) But there was nothing we didn’t hear and there was no question we didn’t answer at that time. Omoyele Sowore remains one of the most engaged Politicians of this era. Today, the Buhari regime promised 75,000 for University Education students and 50,000 for College of Education students. 

I would admit anyway that the debate then was somehow healthy. However, I want to tell you that if a government that reeks of corruption, ineptitude and grand mismanagement could still mutter such promise; “audio” or not, it goes to show that they understand that it is very possible to implement. 

In many of our schools, Education students are the most populous, so if nobody is questioning the feasibility of paying the 75k, it means we would be adding just little to pay everyone 100k. 

We explained then that by massive industrialization of the economy, serious production- rather than this guess-work kind of economy that we run, blocking of loopholes, conduits of corruption and cesspools, we would pay 100,000 Naira minimum wage, which was just an addition of some billions to the wage bill as at 2018. Interestingly, we were told paying people a living wage would cause inflation. 

Today, there is serious double-digit inflation without paying our 100,000 wage. Many states are not even paying the approved  30,000 Naira. Buhari has blamed the “middlemen” again.

Nigerians. You are the ones I’m talking to now. 

It’s understandable that you find it hard to believe there is a way out of this misery. As against what you have held as popular opinion, I want to tell you that you deserve good life and it is very possible to lead one, here on earth. Not in heaven. 

Make suffer tire una na.

- *Adeyeye Olorunfemi*

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