I have carried out my independent findings and I find the following as facts and true;

1. That behind the Army Barracks, Hausas and fulanis numbering over 3,000 are occupying the Army Barracks land and built houses there where the live.

2. That the fulanis/Hausas that we saw 4days ago who were arrested and transported to Akure by Amotekun, didn't come that day, but have been coming in batches day before that day.

3. That as at yesterday, another set came and are already in the army barracks.

4. That the total number of vehicle that brought them was 31. (One should wonder how come no security agency stopped them on their way)

5. That when they got to okitipupa, they headed straight to the Army Barracks, where they are expected to stay for reason best known to those who sent them.

6. That the soldiers at the barracks refused to allow them entry. But later a signal came from above, which directed the C. O of d barracks to allow them into the barracks.

7. That the time it took for the C. O to receive the tignal caused the said fulanis/Hausas to stay a long time at the gate of the barracks, and this gave their presence out to people and the  chairman of local government and Amotekun were alerted.

8. By the time the C. O told them to enter into d barracks, the Amotekun and Local government chairman were already there to question whatever thing was happening there.

9. The soldiers allowed the chairman to question the said strangers and during the interview, they said they belong to a security network and are sent to the barracks to receive training.

10. The chairman asked them if they are soldiers and how come they are to be trained by soldiers when they are not security agents. (They could not answer d questions)

11. Apart from saying that they are members of an unknown security network, they have no other reasonable reason for coming into okitipupa in that large number.

12. As a matter of fact, they are about 1,000 in number and if they are added to the existing numbers in d Army barracks bush, we will be having about 4,000 fulanis/Hausas in okitipupa. (That figure is enough to run down the entire southern senatorial district and the entire southwest of Nigeria)

My conclusion:

The federal government under Major General Muhammadu  Buhari surely has a mission. As it is, the southwest of Nigeria has been surrounded. You may choose not to believe me, but I'm sure of what I am saying.

Amotekun is not enough, we need more volunteer security groups like Eastern security network (ESN). LET'S EVERYBODY START LOOKING FOR GUNS. We must also be watchful, lest we are caught unaware.

As for me, I know what to do when the time comes.

This Government is a terrorist Government.

By Wale Odusola

Ondo Returns Suspected FULANI Invaders

At least, forty-two persons from the northern part of the country who arrived Ondo State with unknown mission have been returned to their states of origin.

According to the daily Post report, the suspected invaders, who were rescued from being lynched at Okitipupa, Ondo state, Nigeria by the Amotekun Corps, were later rounded up and profiled by the security agency.

While parading them in Akure, the commander of the Amotekun corps, Adetunji Adeleye claimed that they came for a private firm security training.

"The explanation provided by the men and women was not satisfactory to the state of government.

“These men and women were first sighted in Okitipupa local government area of Ondo state on Thursday where their arrival created unnecessary tension and apprehension among many residents of the community.

“The people who came from Jigawa and Kano states were said to have come for a mission unknown to government.”

Also speaking on the situation, Commissioner for Information, Donald Ojogo, said “The situation would have degenerated to the extent of lynching and jungle justice. It was almost getting to that point when they were seen in a suspicious manner in Okitipupa but the governor had to rise up to the occasion to ensure that they were given to adequate protection so that jungle justice had to be avoided. That was one of the key points that was achieved in the last 72 hours. It was a very frightening situation.

Ordinarily looking at the insecurity situation in the country, some of this persons would have been molested if not killed but that is not what we want. Whatever is worth doing must be well done and we ensured as a government that they were well protected and taken care of until they were moved out of that danger zone to Akure.”

The suspected invaders were said to have been contacted by their alleged sponsors for a special training.

Meanwhile, they have been escorted by the officers of the Amotekun Corps to the state boundary.

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