Nigerians Storm Buhari’s Residence In UK, Demand his return home (PHOTOS)

As the momentum in London against the Nigerian President Major General Muhammadu Buhari isn't waning anymore, Nigerians in the United Kingdoms will converge on Abuja House Saturday, starting from 12 Noon in Protest against what is termed the irresponsible conduct of Nigeria's leader who is currently in London for his usual medical 'CHECK UP' 

As of Friday, Nigerians in London have gained entrance into the hospital ward where BUHARI is reportedly taking treatment! Nigerian citizens in London are "OBEYING NIGERIANS' CALL" attempting to send back Mr. Buhari from London Hospital to the ABUJA'S world class Hospital he commissioned in his dreams.

The Proteste is asking Buhari about the Aso Rock villa Hospital that couldn't boast of PARACETAMOL, the Doctors he is owing salaries and now on strike? 

Among those that have arrived for the protest on Friday in the UK camped outside Muhammadu Buhari’s Wellington Hospital location of annual medical check-up with #BuhariMustGo Posters. No rest for the wicked! 

BUHARI, You are not fit to reap from where you FAILED to sow. Go back to Nigeria for your treatments and stop WASTING OUR NATIONAL MONEY ON YOUR PERSONAL ISSUES. #BuhariMustGo

Buhari led APC government in Nigeria has failed to deliver on its Electoral promises as the regime becomes lawless without regards for the rules of law and fundamental rights of the citizens to freedom of speech and protests. Many protesters were killed in Lagos, Osun, Oyo states and many other places across the country during the Endsar protest which the Government concealed. 

Unemployment and Insecurity are at the highest level under this anti-people regime as the leadership preferred negotiating with terrorists and bandits rather than addressing the critical demands that will alleviate majority and Youths from poverty.

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