Protests as a litre of fuel now sells between N209 and N213 across the country

Protests have been reported in many parts of the country following an upward reviewed of the premium motor Spirit by the Nigeria's Federal authorities on Thursday which puts the price at N212 per litre, raising fresh economic concerns for the country’s impoverished households.

The PPPRA which is the federal agency regulating the fuel price said in its template released on Thursday night that a litre of fuel would now be sold for prices ranging from N209 to N212 per litre for March. 

Buhari, other APC leaders
hike in petrol price in 2014

This was against N186 the crucial commodity retailed for in February as the PPPRA claimed that the landing cost of petrol in March would be N189.61 per litre as against N163.74 in February.

The PPPRA has been setting guidelines for petrol sales since the Buhari administration announced partial deregulation of the oil sector, but the government maintains control of policies that determine ultimate retail costs.

The new hikes come barely a day after the Nigerian President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari promised to return fuel price to below N100 for Nigerians.

The Buhari led APC Federal Government met the price at N87 per litre when he assumed office in 2015, and has increased it periodically ever since against appeals and unrelenting agitations from Nigerians that the biting costs would worsen inflation and living conditions for a country already designated as the world’s poverty capital.

It should be noted that building a refineries per year, making the existing ones to work to the full capacity and creating a million jobs a year are parts of electoral promises of the incumbent president and the ruling APC.

Nigeria Government has failed to refine it's crude oil at home for domestic consumption but has been importing for many years, thereby making life unbearable for the masses and poor citizens.

The same Buhari and other members of the APC coalition had led protest in Abuja against fuel price hike in 2014. Nigeria has experience misgovernance under this criminal regime of wickediness more than ever as there is nothing to write home about any critical sectors of the nation.

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  1. May the Lord fight for the masses and the oppressed in this nation. Arise oh Lord! Let the enemies be scattered in this nation. Psalm 68:1


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