Rahman Razaq

Religion has always been a tool manipulated by the elites of Nigeria to keep the poor and unenlightened in a perpetual state of misery.

Unfortunately, Nigeria’s brand of Islam is always the pawn on the chessboard.

Kwara State is on the news. First was Osun.

For the records, multibillionaire governor of Kwara, Rahman Abdulrazaq is not an active stakeholder in the public school system in Kwara State or Nigeria.

His family own *REGENT SCHOOLS, MAITAMA, ABUJA* where fees are charged in *TENS OF MILLIONS* annually and *EXPATRIATE TEACHERS* are camped in luxurious staff quarters inside the school.

You know what?

Dirty issues like *HIJAB* isn’t discussed there because *HE OWNS A STAKE*.

In fact, in His own school, what they spend time debating is which country in Europe, Asia and North America to fly students to on excursion and which extra skills class each pupils should enroll in - ballet dancing, music, piano, swimming, tech development e.t.c.

But alas!

He becomes governor and he’s presiding over a cabinet where a *HEADTIE* called *HIJAB* is a topic in schools where there are no books, electricity, toilets, chairs or even proper security.

To get away with this facade, as usual, they tie it to Islam and the Koran.

But his own kids are in Maitama being taught by Indian, British and Canadian teachers in His own school.

Shame on Kwara State!

Shame on Kwara people who are silent in the face of this violent defilement of the psychology of Kwara children by very satanic men pretending to be defenders of religion.

He who has senses should see through the wickedness of governors like Rahman Razaq.

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