ODUDUWA REPUBLIC: Yoruba Group Plans One Million March Rally Across South-West States

 Ilana Omo Oodua which has been the umbrella body of yoruba self-determination groups on Tuesday announced plans for a one-million-strong march rally in the south-west states of Nigeria.

The group in a statement encouraged Yoruba indigenes interested in the rally to get the shirts, caps, and flags for the march in a tweet on Tuesday.


According to the group in a statement released on monday that the rally, which had been scheduled for wednesday, had been postponed due to the need for saturday consultations with all yoruba socio-cultural and self-determination group

“ilana omo oodua postpones the one million march of the pro-yoruba nation,” read the statement. The much-anticipated one-million-strong march across yoruba-speaking states has been postponed indefinitel

“the umbrella body of yoruba self-determination groups within and outside nigeria, ilana omo oduduwa, has declare

“On wednesday, march 24th, a rally will be held in the cities of ikeja, ibadan, akure, ado-ekiti, osogbo, abeokuta, kabba, and offa in lagos, oyo, ondo, akure, ado-ekiti, osun, ogun, kogi, and kwara states to drum up support for the actualization of yoruba nation sovereignt

“We have a meeting with all yoruba socio-cultural and self-determination groups slated for saturday, march 27th. after the meeting, we shall announce a new date for the one million march, but it is possible next week. thus, we put all the seats of power in yoruba land on notic

“We have declared our freedom from the failed lugardian amalgamation of 1914. we have also declared our freedom from the fraudulent 1999 constitution of nigeri

The international community, including the united nations (un), european union (eu), african union (au), economic community of west african states (ecowas), and the governments of the united states and the united kingdom have been put on notice.

“The government of nigeria is being challenged legally. we are not going to engage in any illegal or violent act

The group said: "We shall achieve our liberation without shedding blood. we shall deploy our material and intellectual weapons to fight this battle."

Source: DailyTimes

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