Food Blockades: No one is capable of igniting war in Nigeria except the Government that is doing it

There have been reported blockage of foods from the north that vehicles with food stuffs bound for the southern parts of the country were been turned back in Niger state in further demonstration of the failed government of Major General Muhammadu Buhari whose leadership has sets the country ablaze since his enthronement.

That many trailers transporting cows, tomatoes, onions, pepper, grains and other commodities were prevented from leaving a border town in Niger State to the southern part of the country.

 This is against the desires of those business men and women who are moving their goods to the south. There actions will in the first instance causes perishable goods to perished and financial shortage to individual business owners who are transporting their goods.

Indeed  it is an indication that the so called body claiming to be in charge and an umbrella body for food stuffs marketers are really not, if they are as they claimed, they wouldn't need to mount the road before calling their members to implement whatever they want to do.

Mountain the roads without been checked for hours, unchallenged and no arrest made only shows where the federal Government pitched it's tent.

The army claimed they have secured the route in a statement yet no one to be prosecuted for that ignoble daring.

Accessing the Food stuff Blockades further, as the entire country is not irrigated, no region is self sufficient all around the year due to the weather and rain fall disparities as regards some certain farm produce like Yam, cassava etc. Yam grounndnut and some other farm produce have season within the year when the farmers and marketers move them from Southern parts to the northern parts of the country. Cassava and it's main staple product Gari are regularly transported to the north from south especially south west and south south as well as part other north central.

Whatever the dimensions the crisis of criminal Herdsmen are taken, it is due to the negligence, clueless, nepotism, irresponsibility, corruption and lack of the fear of Nigerians, let alone the fear of God which dominated the decision making process in the presidency as dictated by the Miyetti Allah who founded the Buhar's aspiration in 2015 and has since been in charge of our National affairs struggling to use the governmental power for FULANI hegemony in Nigeria.

Despite Miyetti Allah holding on to the corridor of power in the presidency, they have failed to secure RUGA and other pro FULANI agenda that would have lead us to full bloom war between 2015 and now. Not ready to take on the entire country at once, they have been waging it strategically inform of ethics cleansing as witnessed in Southern Kaduna, Herdsmen attacks and provocative trespassing into farm lands, killing and kidnapping for ransom among othera

It is the criminal silence of the federal government of Buhari that has forced individuals to rise to self defense against those igniting war and killings of innocent Nigerians. While the Herdsmen are untouchable, the regime has been going after such an individuals who refused to be colonised by the Buhari back RUGA wonderers who are looking for where to settle. Therefore it's the evil leadership that has been igniting war in every parts of the country. Those who tried to defend themselves against the Herdsmen invasion in the middle belts were attacked by the Nigerian Army in support of Fulani Invaders.

It is not possible for non-state actors to be terrorising the who country, it is the pro Fulani led presidency that is intentionally igniting war across the length and breath of the country. There is nothing different between Boko Haram Terrorists, Miyetti Allah, Bandits and the Herdsmen in Nigeria, they are network of the same people dictating which, what and when in the presidency. Buhari led Government must be made to account for the atrocities committed so far.

However, accessing the situation so far, the food blockade will only make for stronger Nigeria if the different zones/regions of the country can be sufficient in food production. Hence the calls for restructuring can naturally become reality if only those leaders in the south mean the business.

Meanwhile, Buhari led APC government need to be more accountable to the citizens in their rice sufficiency programs that was never real but meant enrich some of the cronies.


Oludele Abiola

[email protected]

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