End Point of A Dictator: Governor Seyi Makinde Turns Out To Be Mustapha Kamal Pasha of Turkey and Adolf Hitler of Germany

By Lawal Akinkunmi

Whenever we come across the word “Dictatorship,” images of ruthless leaders in the mode of MUSTAPHA KAMAL Pasha Of turkey and ADOLF HITLER of Germany come to mind.

Oyo state found peace in electing Governor Seyi Makinde, whose administration is gradually turning into a dictatorial type. Commencement of anarchy starts from scratch and dent, the future of Oyo state is not secure under Gov. Seyi Makinde. Again, the strength of the party can no longer stand to defeat the opposition, the point of been a leader in Oyo state can no longer be guaranteed under this Administration.

Imposition, self-centeredness, and inexperience are the major problems Seyi Makinde is facing presently, which can’t guarantee the future of the party in Oyo state. I feel bad when I remember the act and step you took during the 2015 Election when you were denied free access to a primary election when you were denied access to the free appellate hearing, you couldn’t wait on gore to support the anointed Candidate then, you decamped to another party, from which you called the then party an “IMPOSTER.” 

Today, you are not an imposter, you stole a whole mandate majority believe can secure their interest, you stole the mandate of the common man, you stole the mandate of those that couldn’t access the state level. I want to believe that you are taking revenge based on what the party did to you in 2015 but remember the saying, “Before u embark on a journey of revenge dig two (2) graves.”

The future of PDP in Oyo state is not safe under Seyi makinde and this is why. The major strongholds in the 2019 coalition are now in APC due to your inexperience. You have allowed the minority rule on the majority. I regret my actions then, maybe I should have just followed what Alao-Akala said then.

The future we clamored for after the 2019 Election cannot be guaranteed under your administration again. I believe leadership “is neither by age nor by size, but by the spirit inside the age and the size” the future Seyi makinde planned for PDP can no longer be feasible him again; leadership deals with experience which the Governor lack, leadership deals with commitment, which the Governor currently lacks. My dear Good people of PDP, we shouldn’t be looking good when the party we build then, is collapsing gradually. I hope the executive Governor of Oyo state is not contesting in 2023 and that is why he is opposing the interest of the majority.

Your impact in the modern Oyo state can be felt, but the future of PDP can no longer be guaranteed with you in Oyo state talk less of South-West. I hereby call on the National working committee to please intervene in the PDP crisis in Oyo state, before Gov.Seyi makinde ends the party structure with inexperience.

Today those that supported you in 2019 physically and financially, are nowhere to be found, I remember vividly that Gov. Ayodele Fayose was the one that flagged off your campaign in Ogbomosho, today your act of ignorance has cause dispute between you and Fayose. Where was Bode George when Fayose stood with you in 2019? Bode George that can never win his polling unit, is the one controlling our desire Governor. Olopoeniyan stands still in making the best for you, you stand still to be a dictator.

Presently I can’t stand with you, because of your obvious bias. You promised a free and fair election and you didn’t fulfill it. You ignored loyal party members and appointed your desired candidates. I hope 2023 approaches fast.

I call on all aggrieved members, to please work in hand to deliver the party again in 2023, with you and others the party will be strong. Without Seyi makinde, the party will remain intact. The future PDP clamour can’t be guarantee under a dictator.

Kudos to you for developing the modern Oyo state

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