Touch not my anointed is Bible verse: Ooni represents Yoruba preservation, If he errs in the postion.... He deserves to face disgrace....

The Ooni should have been shown the door from the day he made that fraudulent comment with no historical backing about Igbos link to Ife.... the throne of Ife exists to preserve Yoruba heritage.... it is not a hub for a hustler trying to make money by using his cultural influnce for personal gain. 

In the days of old... any monarch that does not represent the interest of the people is removed... Ife was not an exception .... The ultimate decision in this battle is the movement of the people. Not movement of the elders, kings or politicians.... 

Ooni Gbanlare was murdered for going against the popular wish of his people. So was Ooni Gegbaaje

Wunmolaje was disposed as well because the people rejected his style of leadership. 

At a point... everyone became scared to become Ooni because of how people turned against them... Ooni Adegule had to make the nobility at Ife swear not to disgrace him if he took office... He was also killed by poisoning. 

How about Oyo,

Alaafin Ajaka was rejected because he was too weak... Shango rejected because he became very dictatorial....Ojigi was forced to commit suicide because of his son's tyranny ( and after him, crown princes were forced to die with their fathers as punishment)

Alaafin  onisile was forced to commit suicide cause he loved to invoke the spirit of Sango and his people were uncomfortable. 

In Ijebu, Awujale Afidipote was rejected because his policies caused recession in Ijebu. 

Ooni Adesoji was nearly rejected by people of Ife because he mismanaged the common wealth of Ife kingdom with the proceeds from its forest timber. 

Alake of Egba land was deposed by the great Egba women because of his tax policies. 

Now... If any monarch stands in the way of Yoruba progress... or go against the determination of Yoruba people not to be turned into slaves in their ancestral home like the Hausa people... we owe it as a duty to reject and force them to be deposed.....

They sit on the throne to serve Yoruba interest and the desire of its people.... not the other way round.... 

We have made a decision. We dont want herdsmen in our bushes and region anymore.... we also want emancipation of Yorubaland. Any monarch that stands in our way is part of the problem... He is no different from the Fulani that is oppressing us, we need to be get rid of such people from our palace.


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