Insecurity: Nigerians should borrow a leaf from Israel, rise to the occasion, and right the wrong

Israel's Iron Dome

Israel is a nuclear-armed state with sophisticated weapons capable of taking on their neighbors.

It is not because they don't trust the God of Israel to protect them, but they know that the God of Israel won't do their duties for them.

Israel has a thriving economy with high standards of living for the citizens. 

It is not that they don't trust the God of Israel that provided their ancestors with Manna in the wilderness, but they understand that God won't plant rice and harvest it for them.

They have to do it themselves. 

Israel is not leaving the Gaza border in the hands of God and do nothing.

No, they built an 'Iron Dome' that intercepts rockets fired into Israeli territory by the Palestinian militant Hammas. 

Isreal has the best medical practice and hospitals in the world. They won the highest noble prize in science and research for humanity. 

It is not that they don't have confidence in the God of Moses and Elijah, but they understand that the God of Israel gave them wisdom and knowledge to act decisively. 

Dear Nigerian leaders, if there’s one, stop fooling around and hiding behind empty religion to cover up your incompetence. 

Your country is burning, people are dying, being murdered by militants. 

Kidnapping and banditry is the order of the day. 

People are living in fear everyday. 

.Yet, we hear you use words like, "It is in the hands of God" 

"Southwest is in the hands of God" 

"Nigeria is in the hands of God" 

How daft that is when you know that God has given you the power to take control of things. 

The money to equip the Army, Police and other security agencies to get a grip on this situation is not in the hands of God, it is in your hands.

Use it!

The money to rebuild roads, secure our borders, improve Healthcare and increase life expectancy is not in the hands of God, it is in your hands.

Use it!

For years, we've been sold this lie and fooled around, playing vain religion with people's lives. 

We can't go on like this. 

Borrow a leaf from Israel.

They have a job to do.

They do their part and God does His part. 

Do your part and get to work. 

Stop fooling around and playing with religion. 

The country is boiling while the leaders act as if they are in a coma!

Power is not conventionally given, rise to the occasion, get it and right the wrong.


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