By Gabriel Ogunlana 

1. The account of war sequel to its destruction, dehumanization and annihilation with imaginable horror must have given a clue that a survivor is an apple of God's eye, protected by His grace. As survivors, we need no validation before we say of the lord that He's good. 

2. We appreciate everyone who sympathized with us and reached out to us via various communication channels. Special thanks to Samuel Gbesabi who left Ibadan for Eruwa immediately he was hinted of the development. Special thanks to Eruwa youths who sent a strong signal to Fulanis that Eruwa would not condone intrusion even if our political officials were noisily silent. . May God's protection be sufficient for our survival. 

3. Against the general insinuation that we were attacked under the cover of night, it was around 6:45pm, nearing twilight but not yet. I was able to identify my attackers at glance. The probability of being Fulani guys was associated to their mode of dress and observable physiques. 

4. These people stood apart, at strategic distance. The intervals at which they positioned themselves invariably made it a hurdle - you escaped one and you met other. And they had 3 to 4 standing points.

5. How did we escape? It's God. Our narrow escape was a continuation of Tope Alabi's descriptions of 'iyanu' in one of her albums. Some people ascribed it to magic power. 'Awon eeyan ro wipe agbara aye ni mo n lo' (apologies to late Gbenga Adeboye). 

6. The official statement of Seyi Makinde led government saying that nobody was attacked in Ibarapa albeit through Amotekun Commandant signifies two things: It's either our state government is covering its failure to protect its people or state government is 

condoning criminality for personal gains. It's left to the court of public opinion.

7. I was unable to appear at a radio station on 13/02/2021, I would have had opportunity to engage an empty-headed OYHA member invited by Mr. Akinyefa who shamelessly claimed that the house had not established the occurrence of the incident. Whereas, the Speaker of this ineffectual House represents my constituency but his speaker is not discussing security matter on the floor of the house let alone mentioning victims. This inept OYHA member was calling Seyi Makinde his grandfather. He's an example of how Nigeria is failing. 

7. The handling of security situation in Oyo state further testifies that the PDP is far from the 'alternative' that Nigerians need. The PDP led government in Oyo state only establishes an incident of marauding if victims are killed. If victims are not killed, Oyo governor presumes it to be an exaggerated matter.

8. Only a revolutionary mind in the revolutionary body could stand a ground in the ambience of horror and fear. I foresee no hope in this current system of fraud and aristocracy. It's imperative we deliver ourselves from this fraud.

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