Updated: Sowore, 4 others in court as the judge orders the prosecuting counsel to study the bail application

 Sowore, others reminded at FCID Area 10, as case adjourned to Friday 8th January, 2021.

Just As it happens!!!

The Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC) in the 2019 general elections Mr. Omoyele Sowore and the other five activists arrested in Abuja have returned to the court.

After the arrival of the magistrate, thehe case is mentioned.

 Police prosecuting team was led by Adama Musa

The prosecution team is introducing his team

 Marshal is leading the team of lawyers for the defendants

 Marshal puts forth a motion for bail application

 We have a team of 5 lawyers today

The Magistrate says she will go on except if the Adama is not a seasoned lawyer

Adama objects to say they are not ready cox dey were not served

 We will be back to court by 2pm

The Adama keeps arguing dat they didnt have time to study the document served them this morning. 

The Magistrate stands down the matter for 2hrs for them to go study.

The magistrate resumes to the hearing ànd She says she has looked at our application. She is asking why did Marshal raise such issues in just a short time. That the 2hrs she gave was not enough for such application

 Marshal is up.....bringing the knowledge of the court on the motion he has brought beefore the court. He stands on the prayer for the Magistrate to admit all defendants to bail

 She is asking immediately she saw the exhibit on the Lagos judgment

He brings the knowledge of the Magistrate to the exhibit on the brutality on all defendants. The second is the Lagos judgment that condemn the police for violating the rights of Nigerians by stopping and arresting them

 The Magistrate is asking that why was such case brought to her and not the High court?

Adama is up for the prosecution......he says he is in opposition

He says they filed a counter and submit that all the affidavit and exhibit from the defendants legal team has nothing to do with bail. That they have failed woefully in compliance of sec. 160- A to F of the criminal justice act.
He went further to tell the Magistrate that is it appropriate in law for one application for bail involving more than one person?

He asked the Magistrate to jote done down wot he is saying and she told him No!
He cited a xase in 1975 and the Magistrate says she was not born then

She ask Marshal to respond to him

He says there are several cases to show
They even charged all suspect on same sheet

Marshal keep citing cases where joint charge requires joint bail application
The Magistrate wants Marshal to cite cases in Law
He says sec 66B of the Nigerian constitution as an anchore for which he builds in argument

Marshal is citing the Sambo Dasuki case. There were 6 defendants in that case and a single affidavit
 There is an argument on the floor of the court on the single application for the 5 defendants.
Marshal says even without the written application, the Magistrate has the powers to decide on it
 He emphasis again that all 5 were brought on same charge
He says besides there was no time to have all defendants on different bail applications
The Magistrate says it is late that she will not rule today
Sowore speaks...he says he has been badly treated and not even food nor medical care has been offered him
He says this is a ploy to keep dem in detention
 She now calls on the senior officer from the prison. She tells him Sowore and others be kept in bed and medical center. They must have the best of welfare
The officer says the time they came yesterday was late. The Magistrate says the medical staff should be called and be given strict instruction
You see why we should have bombarded the Magistrate. She is no different than the others. She's in the game. Imagine a whole day for bail application for someone who hasn't committed any criminal offence.

There is argument on where to take dem or not?
 Bail application for protesting is now goin to enter 3 days?
The Magistrate wants 3 options
1. Back to Kuje and be taking care of.
2. Abbatoir
3. Force CID Area 10
Sowore says anywhere within the City centre is fine but he will not go back to Kuje prison
The Magistrate has called Area 10 and they confirm to have space
Sowore's report on the bad treatment is been put down as regards, medical care, food, water, change of cloths and beddings
The Magistrate calls on the DSP Sanda who is the senior Prison warder and puts his account down too
 Marshal is up and saying based on Sowore's concern they should be remanded in a facility that can allow Sowore access to his doctor, lawyer, food and chamge of cloths. 
Preferable FCID Area 10

 Adama is up...he says he opposes taking Sowore to FCID or any other police facility cox of the allegation of torture which dey denied and that the police facility is not meant for the detention of persons awaiting trial

The Magistrate is writing her order
 She is asking for Friday or Monday?

Marshal is up and asking for a shorter day

She says datz d best she can offer
 So we will be back to court on the 8th day of January (Friday) by 10am

 The Magistrate reads...that they will be remanded in FCID till bail application is determined. The 3rd defendant Damilare who is a law student be allowed access to computer and internet be given him to enable him carry out his online clases as a law student. That all other defendants be allowed books, food, good water, cloths as they will be returning on the 8th

It was believed that a script is being acted upon at the Magistrate Court Wuse on Sowore and 4 others case and it is political. We will respond adequately with every democratic means. All our members and supporters should be on alert.

Ever since the Magistrate's ruling, Sowore's have refused that Sowore will not go in Black-Maria truck and in handcuffs. 
The supporters in solidarity tookover the court. The judge invited Sowore and Marshal to her chambers

Sowore and four others have been taken to FCID Area 10 without handcuffs and not in black-maria.

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