Inspirational: You, Your Aggression and your health

It is high time for those with high temparament to be extra-careful. Every Nigerian knows that we are in a period of frustrations, depressions, confusions, terror, stresses and the likes.  

All these increase the risk of high BP which also consequently leads to heart failure or attack. Of course, we expect sudden death, which is now rampant.  Pls move away from being provoked easily by your kids, friends, husbands and wives.  Avoid reacting to things aggressively. 

 Isolate yourself from disturbances.  Avoid too much thinking when no salary or food at home, imagine it's on the way coming.  Avoid exchange of words with people at home, markets, offices, chambers etc. 

 Always check your BP, take drugs, follow instructions, and exercises.  Avoid colesterol foods.  Go to see your doctor immediately if you feel changes in your body, especially chest.  May God protect us.  Stay in peace and never fight anyone.  Your health is far better than anything worldly.*

_Beware of transferred aggression.

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