TEXTS: JOB 36:11; DEUT. 28:1-2; JOSHUA 1:8; 3 JOHN 2

God created man to succeed in all endeavours of his living. In fact, man was created to be an enviable creature (Ps. 8:4-6). In Jer. 29:11, God specifically reaffirmed that we should reach our goals in life, having well packaged welfare and fulfilling future. “For I

know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome” (Amp). Joshua 1:8 tells us of “Good Success” while 3 John 2 assures us of all round prosperity

(Spirit, Soul and Body). However, whenever there are barriers in 

the ways of our total success, then failure comes up! Failure is a master design of the devil, Satan. He originated it and sustains it in life. Jesus told His disciples in plain language that “An enemy has done this” Matt 13:27-28. However, it should be clearly understood that the enemy works in conjunction with attitudes that support his operation. These attitudes are barriers to our total success and it is our responsibility therefore to uproot them. Few of these barriers to be uprooted are discussed below.

1. Disobedience – Job 36:11: Adam started well but his success was short-lived by his disobedience to the word of God.

Disobedience can manifest in many ways; like disobedience to the Word of God; to a clear revelation of the Holy Spirit; to the revealed will of God for one’s life; to definite instruction by one’s spiritual leader; to your parent instructions (that do not contradict or violate the Word of God). Note:

a. God leads His people by giving them instruction which brings success in terms of blessings and prosperity; when obeyed – Ps. 32:8, Isa. 1:19

b. If God’s instruction are disobeyed; then success is denied – Prov. 1:24-26 

c. Obedience is the master key to God’s abundance – Deut.

28:1-2 (When your obedience is prompt, your progress will

be rapid)

2. Prayerlessness – James 4:2: Don’t kill yourself with envy,

anger and self-pity. If you pray well, you will live well. If you

pray-through, all obstacles to breakthrough will give way. If you

are consistent in prayer, divine help will come surreptitiously

(Luke 18:1). But when you neglect to pray, you give the forces

of darkness room to block your progress and destiny. You hinder

the angels from bringing your due blessings. Therefore, pray

effectively and fervently; and you will succeed (James 5:16).

3. Unfaithfulness – Prov. 28:20: To be faithful is to be reliable,

consistent, dependable, and trustworthy. This affects little

matters as well as great. As a matter of fact, you must first be

faithful in “a little thing”, if ever you will be trusted with much.

If you are going to break forth in the level God expects you in

life, faithfulness is inevitable. Faithfulness affects practically

every issue of life: Your diligence in your studies or work place;

your handling of things entrusted to you; your attitudes to your

financial obligations (Matt. 25:21, Luke 16:10-12); your

promises to other; your commitment to paying your tithes; your

relationship or marriage vow.

4. Fear – Isa. 43:10: Fear is a killer of destiny. If fear is given

room; it make one forgets God’s promises, thus refusing to go

forward (e. g. children of Israel by the Red Sea and after the

spying exercise). Note: Fear is a spirit, it must be cast out –

Heb. 2:14-15, Rom 8:15; fear has torments (1 John 4:18); to

fear is to believe the lies of Satan against the truth of God’s

Word (Acts 5:3); fear is a product of ignorance, unbelief and

superstition (Hos. 4:6); fear is an instrument of witchcraft (Acts

8:9-11). In most cases, what people fear eventually happen in

their lives; therefore, do not accommodate fear (Job 3:25).

5. Indiscipline – Prov. 25:28: Indiscipline is a terrible barrier to

success and destiny. A Christian youth or student aiming at

success should be disciplined; having personal training that

corrects, molds or perfects the mental faculties or moral

character. To make outstanding success, you must bring you

flesh under the control of your spirit (self-control). Not

depending on externally imposed discipline, because people who

will be successful leaders master the art of self-discipline (1

Cor.9:27) and sober-mindedness (Rom. 12:3). How do you know a man that is not discipline? He talks anyhow, anywhere.

He eats anything, anywhere. He has not learned to wake up

early. He takes spiritual matters lightly even at his detriments.

He arrives late for appointments and for services. He gets angry

quickly, etc.

6. Indecision – Jam. 1:8: Indecision is a plague that must be

decisively dealt with in one’s life. A double-minded man plagued

with indecision, does not know what he wants, he is constantly

changing and is neither steadfast nor stable nor consistent.

People find it difficult to trust him because they do not know

what his stand may be at any point in time. (See King David in

I Sam. 23:1-5). Discuss the causes of indecision. If you must

excel in life you have to be decisive.

7. Inconsistency – Gen. 49:3-4: Consistency makes room for

steady success while inconsistency truncates beautiful dreams

and destroys wonderful prospects. Find out what God wants to

do in your life. Stay by it and be focused. Keep on doing it and

you will soon get to the top. (Prov. 4:18). Therefore, go for

consistency, and be consistent! (1 Cor. 15:58).

8. Impatience – Prov. 14:29: Too many people are too hasty in spirit: Too quick to speak; too quick to get angry; too quick to quit; even quitting just at the eve of their breakthrough. They have been praying, believing God for a particular blessing. They have had to endure so much, but at a stage they get weary, allowing discouragement, and then give up. You should rather refuse to give up until God gives you your heart’s desire (Heb. 10:35-39). Patience is a fruit of the spirit and it makes you to hold on under the most trying condition. It makes you to persist

until you win. (James 5:7)

9. Indifferent and laziness – Luke 15:11-32, Prov. 6:6-11:

This is a great barrier to total success in the life of young people.

When you do not see the need to challenge yourself or when you are satisfied with where you are; it becomes difficult to advance and make success. If the prodigal son had remained indifferent to his condition, he would have missed his father’s decoration, celebration and restoration! In addition, many youths and students are not just lazy but very lazy. They are always complaining and seeing reasons why they cannot succeed. They are loaded with uncountable excuses!

10. Lack of Wisdom – Prov. 4:7: You need wisdom to succeed in whatever you are doing. Knowledge comes through information and education but wisdom is the application of that knowledge in such a way that problems are solved and success is made. Creativity is the product of wisdom. May the spirit of

wisdom come upon all our adults and youths in Jesus name?


1. Father, be merciful unto me and forgive all my disobedience to your Word, your revelations and clear instructions for my life in Jesus’ name.

2. I refuse to believe the devil, I am created to be successful; therefore, every seed of failure get out of my life in Jesus’ name.

3. Everything the enemies have done against my life internally and externally to make me a failure and keep me from attaining success in life; be completely destroyed in Jesus’ name.

4. Whatever exchange that has be done over my destiny from time immemorial to date that is responsible for the predicaments of my live, be reversed now in Jesus’ name.

5. I receive grace to take God by His Word and obey Him completely. Serve Him conscientiously with the best of my life in Jesus’ name

6. I overcome ignorance, guilt, unproductive busyness, sin, prayerlessness, laziness, procrastination and all other

attitudes that make for barriers to my total success in life in Jesus’ name.

7. O you seed of unfaithfulness; denying me approval before God and men at the platform of success and breakthrough, be removed from my life and perish in Jesus’ name

8. I banish every fear of failure and uncertainty about the future; get out of my life forever in Jesus’ name.

9. Lord, give me the grace of self-discipline; not to be controlled by external factors and influences that can derail me from my destiny in Jesus’ name.

10. Every plague of indecision, double-mindedness and inconsistency, be absolutely dealt with by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name.

11. Deliver me, O Lord, from the loss of direction at my critical point in life in Jesus’ name.

12. Any pronouncement that against my prosperity, good success, and elevation; be revoked in my life and family in Jesus name.

13. As the Lord lives, I shall reach my goals in life; I shall fulfill God’s mandate over my destiny in Jesus’ name.

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