DAY 17: MONDAY JANUARY 18, 2021


TEXT: 1 Cor. 2:14, 1 Cor. 3:3,


What is carnality?

The word “carnal” is translated from the Greek word sarkikos, which means “fleshly”. Here in the text, Paul is addressing the Corinthian church and he describes them as being carnal minded or having fleshly yearnings.

The Corinthian church made many mistakes, even though they were enthused about serving the Lord, and Paul found it necessary to temper down their wild enthusiasm with godly instruction. They were “babes in Christ” not yet spiritually matured; they had not grown fully in Christ. The carnal man or woman does not know Christ or the things of God the way they should, they have to be


Carnality is the church’s worst disease; a church controlled by animal appetites and governed by human nature as opposed to the

Holy Spirit is for sure an oxymoron. Carnality is the “cancer” of today’s church, and it must be cured or it will indeed kill us. (Rom.


Those who are in the realm of the flesh cannot please God.” This is one of the most important Scriptures in the entire Word of God, because it discusses the human mind: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”—Proverbs 23: 7. Where we keep our mind determines who we are and what we do.

Contrary to popular belief, the carnal minded Christian can be very, very religious. He can fool many people with his piety; others see him or her as a true man or woman of God. However, you can be a strict religionist and still live separate from God. There are many today in our churches across the globe who function and carry on very well within the walls of the organized and institutional church instead of carrying out the true mission given to them by Jesus Church.

Indeed, carnality is a true disease within the body of Christ today and we must say no to it in GOFAMINT. It will metastasize, spreading its influences to other parts of the body. Carnality will silently and violently penetrate vital organs within the church body and sabotage their effectiveness. If left undetected, this army of rebels will bring death and destruction to the entire body.

After the diagnoses and the prognosis of this dreadful disease, every member of GOFAMINT may have to go under the spiritual surgical operation of the Holy spirit in order to get well.


1. Let us appreciate God for the provision of the cross to give us the enabling grace and power to overcome the flesh.

2. Let’s appreciate Him for the debts paid in full for our redemption and for the grace to be called His own.

3. Every magnet of carnality drawing me and feeding uncleanliness and ungodliness, be destroyed in Jesus name.

4. Every power sowing carnality in my life and making it to thrive,

I decree your time is up and I curse you in the name of the Lord; whither in Jesus Name.

5. Every infirmity that entered my life through the door of carnal weaknesses; I decree your death today in Jesus name.

6. Lord, free me from emotional fluctuations; from rising and falling

in Jesus name.

7. By The Spirit of the Living God, I move beyond the realm of soul’s influence, I key into the Spirit of God.

8. I refuse to be an enemy of God. Carnality: lose your grip over me and let me go!

9. As from today, I refuse to walk after the dictates of my flesh. I receive grace to mortify it completely and walk in the Spirit.

10. Father in the name of Jesus, I cast down every wicked, lustful, lascivious, and unclean thought of the enemy in my life in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

11. In your strength father, I refuse to allow any thoughts of the enemy to enter in; I sanctify my mind and cast evil thoughts away from me in the name of Jesus.

12. Father, I pray that You will cause me to think upon those things which are pure, honest, and of a good report (Philippians 4:8), and I pray that you will not allow my mind to wander into idleness and lust, but that it stay upon the name and person of Jesus.

13. Every manifestation of carnality in the life of GOFAMINT members; be scattered by fire.

14. Let the Fear Of God continually be on all the life of GOFAMINT members worldwide to resist sin and overcome flesh.

15. Lord, breathe your name upon me and empower me to say no to temptation at all times.

16. I confess Lord, in my life it shall be more of you and less of me.

Flesh will not overcome me; it will not sink me in Jesus name.

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