I once said the government of the day is another scamdemic, in the history of the Nigeria as a country. 

During the fight against #policebrutality, Nigerian youth ought not to leave the street to end this scamdemic and his cronies once and for all, because the tools of oppression of the state are the police, but most of influencers don’t see beyond the #EndSars in which we need to resist them all, to hold our destiny in our own hands, but the reverse is the case, but I think we learn our lesson in the hard way.  

We can now begin to strategies to defeat our oppressor’s in unity now, the oppressor are united but why is it difficult for the oppressed to unite themselves in fighting against oppression, intimidation, victimization.

 If we failed this time around, it will take us another 60years to unveil the mask of retrogression unleashed on us. Some will still be thinking and questioning themselves why do I need to fight against oppression in the land, here are the reasoning why all oppressed needs to speak in one voice to liberate ourselves from this shackles of oppression.

We do say Nigeria has over 200million people in which 70% are youth, out of the 70% not greater than 15% are employed with minimum wages 0f 18,000 per month in which the VAT has been increased to 7.5% in which the minimum wages of 30,000 has been implemented for the few youths who are gainfully employed but they have enforced the VAT increment, this is just by the way compared to the fact that we are over-taxed whether being gainfully employed or not and either through public or private institution. 

Still on employment and job creation have you ever notice that federal official jobs are not fully publicized, have you ever ask why? The high ranked job opportunity would have been shared among the oppressor of the same class and if it later link to the public it is highest bidder whether state or federal parastatals, (omo olomo la re ni ise de torutoru) only the petty jobs of extorting will be reserved for the common man and when they might bargain of returns for releasing the job to the common man, because they don’t want you and I to be up to them to challenge their criminal activities in which if you dare challenge them you will be oppress and intimidated with the state agent of oppression i.e. Police, SSS etc. what happen to 45% of the youth population? They are jobless.

Social amenities are among the primary duties of a responsible government but reverse is the case of Nigeria, I once write on my page the 70% of what we (Nigerians) prayed to God to do for us are the basic social amenities which a responsible government and pro people Government should guarantee his citizens, what do we enjoy as a citizen of Nigeria. Infrastructure is zero, health care system is very poor, on power supply, we are still paying for darkness while those countries that we share power with are celebrating years of adequate supply of power but we the master-minders are suffering from blackout upon paying high tariffs rate, we still suffer for what we have within our reach. 

Meanwhile, the few oppressors are busy recycling themselves to empty pour treasury on the ground that we the oppressed are not united to confront and break the chain of oppression, our country is blessed with Natural resources which is enough to run and develop our country by ourselves. 

Education sector has been truncated with strike to stop the #Revolution of the people from evolving but “No one can stop an idea whose time has come” we must free ourselves from the hand of the oppressor by ourselves. We keep on producing graduate without employment opportunity, almost 80% of Nigeria graduate are jostling daily for employment due to the limited job opportunities. Nigeria government has failed the youths because they don’t want us to overtake them but they forgot that for every successful country in world their youths are up to something. It is high time we synergized and thrown this oppressors and their cronies into the dam and overtake/overthrow them before they ruin our lives as they did to our fore-fathers, fathers and mothers. 

ASUU on 9months strike without any promising agreement from the government to call off the strike but their children are out of the country to study with tax-payer money. Can you see the level of high impunity in Nigeria, they are busy destroy the future of the Nigeria by killing us gradually through defective education system to place their children over us to continue from where their father stopped. 

Hope we haven’t forgotten Mr. President Claim at world meeting in which he claimed that “NIGERIA YOUTH ARE LAZY”. We need to demonstrate to make him realize we are not lazy by sending him packing to Daura.  

If we Nigeria youth cannot reason beyond the sycophancy of tribalism, religious then we will remain in the chain of oppression, because these are tolls being used by the oppressors to divide us, that it is a sin in Islam to protest, but they forget 2012 when this incumbent government engaged in protest which claim lives and properties, the cleric didn’t see then but now they can preach against protest now, or have they forgotten 1983 when this same individual overthrow democratically elected president. We need to deliver ourselves from the religious bigotry which will perpetually made us to remain in bondage of slavery forevermore. 

We have what it takes to change our country ourselves, let’s wise up and awake the giant in us to fight this scamdiemic government of the day. The second wave of #ENDSARS will consume all the oppressor, be part of this, make it happen, organize, agitate and fight for a better Nigeria that works for all irrespective of where he/she is born. 

Majoit Gen Muhammadu Buhari's regime cannot escape the wind of revolution blowing heavily.

EMIOLA Solomon

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