The reality of a Nigerian Soldier in the corridor of terrorism

Let's all ponder on this! 

Imagine for a minute that you are a trained soldier.

In fact, a Lieutenant.

You have a wife and two kids.

Now, imagine that during the quarterly rotation, you were sent to Bornu to fight insurgence (Boko Haram)

On this fateful day, as you were moving with your platoon. 

There was an ambush.

Gun fire ensured.

You shot with all you've got.

You know that you have a slim chance of surviving the attack. 

As you were running out of ammo, you called john, your buddy, for fresh supply.

No response.

You glanced and saw John's head split into two halves.

By your left is Barry, his torso turn and one of his arm lying 10 ft away.

With nothing to fight with, you made a run for it  and took a deep dive into the abondoned crater while bullets were getting fired at you.

You passed out 

When you woke, you saw yourself in the hospital.

The doctor came in.

"Officer, you are awake, we did an emergency surgery"

"We had to amputate you"

We are sorry.

You then asked.

'What of my team mates ?"

"Well, you lost 18 men and 2 survivors", the doctor replied. "You and Barry. 

Barry is still in intensive care."

Now, 3 months later, at the defence headquarters.

Your commanding officer, General Gida told you.

"You are back, lieutenant "

"Good news!

We rounded up all the terrorist that attacked your platoon after in another battle confrontation."

They are now in rehabilitation center.

"Can I see them?" you asked


You got wheeled to the center.

They opened the door. 

And yes.

'There they are !'

Across the hall,

Young men in white flowing gowns were eating fried and Jollof rice with multiple chicken parts.

Some were drinking wine.

Laughter filled the air.

Having a ball.

You were told they will soon be taken abroad on scholarship.

Government sponsored.

As you were getting back to the generals office.

Just outside the defence headquarters gate, you saw the wives of your team, now widowed,  as they agitate with high voices and placards.

"We have been abandoned!"

"Pay us our husbands benefits!"

"We are hungry"

Just imagine all that.

It is the reality of a Nigerian Soldier in the corridor of terrorism.

Unknown author.

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