Justice Ojukwu adjourns Sowore, Bakare v FG till January 25th

The Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has adjourned the trial of human rights activists, Omoyele Sowore and Olawale Bakare till 25th January, Feb 4th and 5th 1pm by the presiding judge, Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu.

Earlier on Thursday when the case was opened, it was ajurnend till today Friday 11, 2020 as Justice Ijeoma was said to be indisposed.

Both Sowore and Olawale were charged làst year for treasonable felony by the Major General Buhari led federal government of tyranny.

 When a new date was to be determined on Friday, the prosecution team wants 15th, 16th and 17th of February but Falana wants January

 Falana wants 19th of January as it is obvious that the prosecution is using delay tactics as far as this matter is concerned.

When interrogating the witness presented by the prosecuting team, 

 The case has been adjourned to 25th January, Feb 4th and 5th 1pm

Sowore who is the RevolutionNow convener and Olawale were for months detained illegally by the Detectives of the State Security Service DSS after their arrest in August 2019.

It should be noted that all charges preferred against the duo by the DSS were replaced when the Buhari's minister of Justice Abubakar Malami took over the case. 

The bail conditions and terms of it which restricted Sowore to Abuja (city arrest) only demostrated the fact of the Judiciary been a  pun in the hand of the executive.

Barrister Femi Falan, during the trial on Friday, when the defense counsel was interrogating the witness presented by the prosecuting team asked questions that further exposed the FG .

 The name of the witness is Mr. Rashid Olawale

 The prosecuting lawyer asked  him if he earlier made any statements as regards d matter

He said yes. He said he can identify it by his signature when asked About it further if he can identify the statement.

 It was presented to him.

 The witness was asked if he has anything else to add and he says no.

He aske if he was among those who arrested Sowore, and he says yes.

What time?

He said mid night

Is dat correct?

Falana says in his statement, it reads 1am

 He is confused....

 Why was he not arrested during the day but at night?

 That Sowore was not "stationary"

 Because we already identified where  Where was he arrested?

Why did you torture him?

He was not turtured

Why deny him access to his lawyer

 I arrested and handed him over to the office in Shangisha

Are u aware there was a protest on the 5th of August, 2019?

No there was none

You said you arrested him propagating Revolution Now,...was there any violence on that day?


Specifically there was protests in Lagos, Ogun, Cross River, Ondo and others...

Where was Sowore on that 5th?

He was in Abuja with the SSS

Fàlana: So Sowore did not take part in those protests?

No he didn't

Was there a revolution in any part of Nigeria on that date?

No my Lord

 Do u know that in 2011, Buhari called for a revolution like the Egyptian revolution?

Am not aware

The judge wants to know the link

Falana: Back to what you are aware, are you aware, that there was an overthrow of a democratically elected govt in 1983?

Falana said Buhari led d coup

 Falana asked what class was he then

The witness says, I was a teenager then. He said in primary school

When did you now know about the 1983 coup?

Secondary school, he said.

He says it's part of history

Do you know dat it was Gen Buhari wu led dat coup?

So you know dat same Buhari was never charged for treason or felony?

 I can't recall

He says it's part of history.

 So you know dat same Buhari was never charged for treason or felony?

I can't recall.

Are you aware that those who took part in the August 5th were charged?

 Yes...I heard it on d news

Are you aware they have been discharged and aquitted?

Are you aware that THERE was a court ruling in Lagos that the protest was legitimate and awarded damages of #1m?

Am not aware.

Are you aware that the phones culled from Sowore has not been returned?

 Am not aware

Am not aware

Adakole representing Mandate when was up says he wants to adopt  the questions as asked by Falana and all answers given.B Butwill go further to asked a few questions.

On the 5th of August, was there any revolution in any part of Nigeria?

No, the witness responded.

Thee judge asked if any othe witness was in court?

Prosecution asked for the application to shield other witnesses. That the real names and addresses should not be disclosed or use in court.

He says it's been pending since the 5th day of March, 2020

That the court should allow only the judge, lawyers, and press to see the witnesses.

Falana was up and said Sowore and Mandate also filled a counter on the 9th day on all the prayers in their application. That the court should adopt their written address on the counter

He says without wasting the time of the court, by virtue of sec 36 of the constitution . The defendants entitled are to open trial

In the list of witnesses and exhibits already tendered, the names are written on them. The prosecution has already disclosed their names, addresses and roles they played in this case

He says the counter affidavit on the 9th should be adopted with the written address

The judge was seen putting down a ruling on the application by the prosecution

 Ojukwu in her ruling said the prosecution is asking for shielding of witness because of fear of Revolution members. The judge says she doesn't see the movement as violent or a proscribed movement. 

However, she stressed that the court room shall only be allowed to have few not more than 20 persons due to the Covid19 rules as may be accredited to see the witness any other day d matter comes up.

The cast has been ajurnend till January 2020.

#FreeSowore #FreeSoworeNow #FreeMandate

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