Ifeleye Rahman Ayodeji also known as Classislam is an Artist, Ethnomusicologist, Educator, Humanitarian and a popular OAP who introduced Islamic music programme editions on radio has attributed his newly invented talent hunt event (Islam Got Talent) to a lifetime project which its first season will be a tip of the iceberg.

In his response to our correspondent’s interview in Ibadan, Ifeleye stated clearly that “ Islam Got Talent” has come to establish a unique trend in the Yoruba Islamic and Islamize musical categories which will encourage and sustain religious standardized music especially from the southwest of Nigeria.

Despite the commencement of contestants’ application forms in six cities such as Lagos, Ibadan, Oshogbo, Ilorin, Abeokuta and Akure which the turnout has been worthwhile and very appreciated, he emphasized that forms closure  by Friday November 27th, year 2020 across the affected states remain the same.

 He further noted that the recent challenges encountered in the process of writing this lifetime history is expected but not enough to dwindle the vision of the big event which will be coming up by Tuesday December 1st - Sunday 20th year 2020.

The true innovator of Yoruba Classical Islamic Music connected the challenges facing Islam Got Talent Season 1 to the highest level of ambiguities surrounding music in Islam which he said “according to latest research is one of the factors militating against the development and uprising of young Islamize musicians in Yoruba land”. He now urged concerned Islamic leaders of various organizations to embrace and support this new concept that was set out with the main priority to encourage mainstay youthful participation in Islam. 

He reminisced that his love for Islamic music since 2003 and the cooperation of Muslims across Yoruba states will continue to be the backbone for IGT’s success in subsequent events. He also used the avenue to urge all upcoming Islamic musicians to obtain and submit forms at all Ally centres nearest to them, also assured that there will not be room for misconduct or cheat associated with judging  of contestants in the event.


Few months after the founding of first of its kind Islamic music talent hunt, the Coordinators of “Islam Got Talent Season1” in six states of the federation re-assured our correspondent that they are fully prepared and ready to host all contestants without manipulating the result and maintaining a world class atmosphere for such event.

It will be recalled that admission forms for all contestants will close by Friday November 27th, year 2020 across six Yoruba cities such as Lagos, Ibadan, Oshogbo, Ilorin, Abeokuta and Akure while event will commence by Tuesday December 1st - Sunday 20th year 2020.

 In his response to our correspondent on a telephone conversation, Mr. Gafar also known as Bigfydurt who is the Head of IGT Coordinators and Lagos Coordinator explained  that “ Islam Got Talent Season 1” is organized to uplift young Islamize musicians based on merit policy. He emphatically stated that no below average performance will get pass the audition or the group stage.

In another live telecast with our correspondent, the Coordinator of IGT in Ilorin, Rotaract Hajia Faosiat Hassan claimed all preparation is put in place to search vividly for Judges who are not just Star-Artists but understand the basic way to comprehend and judge a performance based on merit and  without favouritism.

Alhaji Atere of Ondo State said it has not been an easy task putting all requirements to stage the competition in Akure especially considering the level of ambiguities surrounding Islamic music. But finally added that all hands are on deck to ensure the event is beyond imagination and have a lasting memory for all contestants. 

Mr. Aremu also known as Kaakaki Anobi who is in charge of Ogun state noted that that the founder of the programme will not settle for anything less than qualitative officiating and coordination which he and the rest of the coordinators around IGT states are capable of producing. 

Islam Got Talent Season1  has two categories for all contestants which are Solo and Band performance with the aim of picking the First, Second and Third winner from each categories.

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