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We seek protection under the law against the anti-democratic tendencies in Osun State,after the callous and incompetent supervision of Alh. Gboyega Oyetola to repress, threaten and attack peaceful protesters. It's quite unfortunate that the individuals who are supposed to be the custodian of democracy and preserve law and order are rather found culpable of unleashing terror on peaceful protesters, plus setting up a kangaroo leadership to mischievously misrepresent the movement.

As peaceful agitating youths, we have been engaging in demonstrations since the emergence of EndSARS protest nation wide. Unfortunately, we have wild and rude leadership. Yemi Lawal, Commissioner for Youth and Sport had no intelligent response to answer the youths of Osun but called us set of irresponsible youths of Nigeria. The unruly and unprofessional way of engagement of Yemi Lawal would not be overlooked and condoled. We don't rob egos but as progressive youths, having known that the government was supposed to meet us for our demands, but out of cheer irresponsible governance, they resort to using thugs to bully the protesters and selling false narrative to the media space with help of their paid propagandists parading themselves as the leadership of the movement. We tried to communicate our demands to them but we were met with disgraceful and embarrassing words from a supposed Commissioner of Youths and Sports. Also, this same Yemi Lawal masterminded the kangaroo Judicial Panel of Inquiry where he added his own boys who were never seen at the barricade or even sympathized with EndSARS protesters from start. Yemi Lawal is a notorious person in Osun and must be held accountable for any violence that may spring up in any action. On this note, we first demand that Yemi Lawal be sacked from office for working against the Osun State Citizens and demonstrating traits that greatly violate the ethos of  omoluabi.

Adding salts to injury, the Government of Alh Isiaka Gboyega Oyetola has contracted the military and other forces in the State to gag us from expressing our grievances. It is not new to the people of Osun where the government will call on the military to dehumanize and violate the rights of the citizens as seen in the Ilesha saga during the curfew in the viral video. We will remain peaceful and always remain as such but the government must understand that this state is better run based on law and not hooliganism or gangsterism as the right of the people to protest is constitutionally guaranteed.

We maintain that the Judicial Panel of Enquiry be fairly and justly constituted. We reject an imposed Judicial Panel of Enquiry constituted by Mr Governor, Gboyega Oyetola whose convoy killed protesters and left many severely injured. We hereby call for the immediate and unconditional review of this Judicial Panel of Enquiry, we request that no panelist must have controversial antecedents and track records of service must be acceptable to the protesters. We emphatically demand that the protesters should also be adequately and satisfactorily represented in the Judicial Panel of Enquiry as a way to encourage transparency. whatsoever with the state government are of questionable characters. No kangaroo representation of the protesters is allowed, impostors posing to be the #EndSars protesters and the representative of the National Youths Council of Nigeria be immediately ejected as the body itself has no legal base since their certificate of existence has been withdrawn far back by Cooperate Affairs Commission, CAC for violating the stipulated age requirement of The National Youth Policy. 

We also demand that every sitting of the Judicial Panel of Enquiry which must comprise of persons of integrity and moral excellence, must be aired and televised live for all the people of Osun and Nigeria at large to follow. We are also deeply concerned and condemn in absolute term the meeting the already constituted Judicial Panel of Enquiry held which was not made public but shrouded in secrecy, the true representative of the people should carry the people along in every action. The public should be in the know that whatever is done in secrecy has ulterior motives. These are reasons that further buttress a need for an immediate and unconditional review of the Panel.

The public must not be left in the gloom on the Power of the Panel. The Osun State Government has intentionally kept mute on making public as to the Power of the Panel. Any panel without a clearly designed duty is more as a toothless bulldog; mere voices without action can only be generated from such. We hereby demand that the government empowers the Judicial Panel to arrest and prosecute any officer found guilty of any allegation.

In addition, we believe no stone of offence should be left unturned. The atrocities and brutal attack led by Asiri Eniba would not be overlooked and must also be addressed. We still maintain that Asiri Eniba must be brought to book because Eniba is not above the law and must be tried by the law. He was sighted at the centre front of the hoodlums shouting that they should attack us. In fact, everyone started shouting Asiri at the sight of him. Some of the protesters never knew him until the shout of his name ravaged and depredated the scene of attack. In that light, we demand immediate arrest of this said suspect and his cohorts and justice be served.

We hereby wish to seize this opportunity to warn the Government of Osun State to stop criminalising our peaceful protests and contracting hoodlums to attack and brutally  disperse the protesters. We would like to boldly iterate to the members of the public without fear of contradiction, that our peaceful agitations to #EndSARS, #EndBadGovernance, stop all state imposed extortion, reversal of fuel hike, reversal of hike in electricity tariff; to mention but few.

However, we idenity that the good people of Osun State are still trying to recover from the commercial loss and hardship we were subjected to by the insensity and cruel imposition of the curfew. Therefore, we enjoin the people to go by their lawful businesses without fear or intimidation. We urge the people of Osun to remain resolute and undeterred as we continue to fight until our demands are met and voices are heard. For their fear is the United Force of a determined people. The core of our strength and power lie in our unity and undivided voice. Victory is for the people.


*Olawale Adebayo Bakare (Mandate)*


*Olushayo Ogunleye*

Mobilisation Secretary

2nd November, 2020.

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