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On October 1st, 2020 Yoruba self determination groups called for a protest rally to affirmed that the Yoruba wants regional autonomy or Oodua Republic. The new apostles of YORUBA RONU discredited the process, called the organizers unprintable names and assert Nigeria as indissoluble no matter how rotten. May be I should remind you, the roads were deserted even our so called arogunyo's(OPC & others)hid under their beds because you all called for an army of occupation to brutalise anyone who dared storm the streets to call for a republic in your cowardly names. 
On the same October 1st, gallant Nigerian youths under the REVOLUTION NOW banner dared state threat , they were on a protest march on the streets , they give a ray of hope that there are Nigerian youths with guts who are ready to lay down their lives for A NEW NIGERIA IS POSSIBLE.

Then comes the ENDSARS MOVEMENT; a movement of aggrieved Nigerian youths calling for an end to SARS brutality and reform of the Nigerian police. Your campaign of calumny started immediately, calling them faceless, unorganised, uncoordinated and noise makers without leadership just because their agitations is inimical to your paid masters interest. You started agitating for state terror to disperse them after hired thugs of your masters found the protesters a hard nut to crack. You justified the killings in the state of Osun and argued no live was lost in Lagos.
The killings by soldiers brought out the beast in the wretched of the earths. As the days of rage continued private and individual properties were touched whether justiciable or not.
To some of you having being paid huge sums to kick against anything in conflict with the paid master interest are now shouting YORUBA RONU.

To some of us Individual/Personal interest of an individual cannot override our collective interest as a Yoruba nation. By and large, YORUBA RONU has become the slogan of those who believe we should all be enslaved to the whims and caprices of an individual while YORUBA Ti SOJI are those who believe we cannot continue to be guided by any self centered person.

Same you that called advocates of Oodua Republic unprintable names are now playing the ethnic card; the destruction and looting were carried out by aggrieved Yoruba youths whose HUNGER has turned to ANGER. 

Why the lie against our Igbo brothers why the imaginary campaign against the Hausa-Fulani. Forget the publicity stunt of Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB. Your pay master must be heartless to pitched us against Igbo when our people are not ready to fight their neighbours. YORUBA TI SOJI no individual can and will use us to fight a proxy war, never again.

DAISI OGUNNIYI writes from Ojuore, Ota.

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