( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Shola Kept wondering why Akanbi Damino wanted to buy the lighthouse a property...

" Has he slept with her?" Shola couldn't get the thought out of his head!

" Why am I this concerned about the strange woman?" Shola made an effort to delete Favour from his mind...

Nneka was feeling highly uncomfortable, the heat was too much. She was seated with Ajaara who was taking her and Tunrayo through a Bible Study.

" I feel so hot!" Nneka said

" Same here!" Tunrayo said

Ajaara was Speaking in tongues inwardly, as she also had caught the fire. ..

" Really? But I feel really cold !"

" Can we take 5 minutes!" Nneka said

" Yes please!" Tunrayo added quickly

Ajaara noticed the weirdness...

" Ok, you girls shouldn't stay too long." Ajaara said. She relaxed in her chair and continued speaking in tongues. She didn't know why she was speaking in tongues, she just had the feeling to do so...

Sammy sat in his living room studying the Scriptures, he suddenly felt the urge to speak in tongues, his mind went to the Lighthouse...

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"Is something going on with the Lighthouse?" Sammy
reasoned...He didn't get an answer from the HolySpirit, so he turned into Speaking in tongues...

The seven agents conveyed behind the building...

" You all also felt it?" Tunrayo said

" Yeah! I am burning..." Joy who was very fair skinned pulled her top up and the others saw red patches all over her body like she had been seared with a hot metal...

" I advise we leave!" Tunrayo said

" And have our heads cut off by the Superior!" Joy said

" No we can't leave
! Remember her word before we left...She said it's either we win or we die. She said there was no room for failure.." Nneka said

Tunrayo looked down in pain, she didn't sign up for this. She only wanted money. She joined the SCA for money not the diabolical stuff she had been initiated into.

" I passed by the target's office and the fire was hotter from her window. I believe she is the one that is releasing the fire against us." Musu said

" So what do we do?"

"According to DEFENSE 102 class, whenever Fire is lit on an agent, other agents are to cause a distraction!" Shally said

" Exactly what I am thinking!" Joy said

" What distraction are you planning to launch?" Tunrayo asked with Skepticism in her voice.

Joy eyed Tunrayo for her obvious fearful heart...

" They released Fire on me... on us, I will release fire on them." Joy said

" What kind of Fire?" Nneka asked

" Real Fire that burns the skin to ashes!" Joy said angrily...

" Wait, you want to burn down the target and others?" Tunrayo asked with unbelief

" Yes, it doesn't matter the approach we use, what matters is that we achieve the death of the Lighthouse. By burning down the barn, the sheep will scatter..."

Joy stretched forth her hands for the others to join her in unison in order to call down Fire... Tunrayo didn't join hands with them...

" Bringing down Fire on everyone was not the plan...Our target is Favour, not the innocent kids here...!" Tunrayo said

" Someone has gone soft here!" Joy spits on Tunrayo and immediately Tunrayo falls on the ground like a pack of cards...

" Why did you do that? We can't leave her here when we escape!" Grace said

" Her luck! Grace! Do you want to join her?" Joy said in anger. She was burning really hard and she wanted the fire to stop.

" Joy, Go ahead!" Samuel said

The Six of them conjured together and called Demon of destruction from hades....

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde


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