( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

“ What did you say to her?” Akanbi said to Joy

“The truth! I told her to be veryyyyy careful of you!”

“ How dare you? I will let her know your motives as well.!”

“ And you think she will believe you?” Joy said laughing wickedly. She eyed him mockingly...

“ Ok... What do you want?”

“ I want to sleep with you and then you sleep with her!”

“ What!”

“ It’s a win win... I transfer my poison into you, you transfer it into her... Afterwards I remove the poison from you! That way you would have stolen the Spiritual power in her and I also win by killing her!”

Akanbi knew if he wanted to achieve his goal with Favour Aribisala, he had to dance to Joy’s tune.

“ Agreed! So how or when do we do ours!” Akanbi said

“ Now is not a bad time!” Joy said

“ Now? this is broad daylight!”

“ It’s more fun!”

“ Ok?”

“ Meet me in your room in five minutes... Don’t bother about your room key. I will find my way in...” Joy said

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Akanbi watched as she left. He knows his key was with him. He knew he also had the power to disappear to another place, but he was very careful in using that power. The man who had fortified him and gave him that power had warned him against abusing the use.

He had told him, if he used it too frequently, he might disappear even when he didn’t want to...

He followed after Joy. He wanted to see how she was going to open his door. He saw her place her hand on the door handle. Her hand turned blue, likewise her head.. She pushed the door and it opened...

Akanbi realized the girl, Joy was not a small girl.

Akanbi followed her into the room involuntarily. He wanted to run away but he felt a string pulling him...

The string made him fall to the bed, he had no control on his movement, he was following a leading he didn’t know.

Joy pounced on him and transferred her poison into him through sex. Akanbi could tell something evil had gone into him because unlike other casual sex he had in the past, he was sweating profusely, and his heart was racing.

Joy stood up...

“ You have only seven days to sleep with Favour or else, the virus will attack you instead!”

Akanbi could only nod his head...

The only name that came to his brain was “SHOLA”

“ If shola was here, he won’t have allowed this to happen.”

“ Yes... you are right about that... and that’s why we made you send him faraway. The best way to get a man, is to send his guards away!” Joy said laughing wickedly...

“ And don’t think about confessing this to anyone, I will cut your throat!” As Joy said it, she made a practical example of strangling him without touching him..

Akanbi knew he was in big trouble....

Joy stepped out of the room... She was excited she had finished her part of the assignment. She had transferred SEXRUSH into Akanbi and also VENOM for termination. Akanbi and anyone he slept with was to get the SEXRUSH and the VENOM...

“ Did he give in?” Shally asked

“ Did he have a choice?” Joy said snickering

“ You are baaaaddddd!”

“ Thank you!”

“ So, we should hope he goes for her!”

“ Hope? No... It should be “ Wait” ... Let’s wait to see him go for her!” Joy said laughing...

Just like Joy had expected, Akanbi walked out of the room and walked straight back to Favour’s office, but as he got to the door, he was intersected by Chuks!

“ Mr Akanbi, I was just coming to your room! Miss Favour shared the good news with me. She said you and I have been paired together... Please come with me!” Chuks said

“ No I have to see Madam Favour now!” Akanbi said

“Why? What is so important?”

“I must speak to her!”

“ Something is wrong!” Chuks sensed

“ PRAY IN THE HOLYGHOST!” A voice said to Chuks...

Chuks begans to speak in tongues inwardly as he tried to pacify Akanbi... Chuks knew he had been given Spoken Authority...

“ Mr Akanbi Damino, in the name of Jesus Christ , I ask that you calm down and follow me...!”

Akanbi felt like someone had poured relaxing balm on him.... All the anxiety suddenly vanished...

“ Mr Chuks?“ Akanbi said looking straight into Chuks’ eyes

“ Yes, I am Mr Chuks and you and I are going on your Spiritual journey together Sir...” Chuks said

Akanbi nodded like a puppet...

“ Follow me Sir!” Chuks said and Akanbi followed Chuks towards his office...

“ Arrhgggg.... Where is he taking him to?” Joy said angrily...

“ I knew it wasn’t going to be easy that’s why I said , I hope he does what he has to do...!” Shally said

Joy eyed Shally for obviously mocking her. She had to stop Chuks. They had studied him back at the SCA. They were told he was one of the best agents but had turned. The SCA desperately wanted him dead...

As Joy walked towards Akanbi and Chuks, she didn’t know what she was going to do, but she knew she wanted to cause a distraction...

“Mr Chuks! Mr Chuks!” Joy called out...

“ Yes!” he turned and Akanbi on seeing Joy became fearful... Chuks noticed but discarded it...

“ Sir, Musu... !”

“ Musu? Who is that?”


“ One of the others we came with!”

“ Ok? What is wrong with him?”

“ He has been disturbing me, he wants me to get down with him...” Joy said

“ Get down with you?”

“ Yes!”

“ Where is he?”

“Hall 2... waiting for me... Please can you come with me and give him a warning to desist from me...”

“ Ok...” Chuks said. “ Mr Akanbi, wait for me in my office!”

“ Ok..!” Akanbi said. He knew Joy had cooked up the story. He knew she wanted to give him time to reach Favour Aribisala...

Chuks followed after Joy towards Hall 2, but then he heard a voice. It felt like a cold breeze blew past his right ear, and he heard...

“ DECEPTION!” The voice said....

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde



( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

“On a second thought, don’t go to him, I will see him much later and have a discussion with him. “ Chuks turned back and started speaking in tongues. He didn’t know why God mentioned “ DECEPTION” in his ears. He had to catch up with Akanbi .

“ Sir, he will deny it if you don’t catch him in the act...” Joy pursued after Chuks.

“ Don’t bother about that. I know how to get the truth out of him. Run along and go for your foundation class with your mentor...”

Joy felt like strangling Chuks but she knew if she did, her cover will be blown.

Chuks went hurriedly towards His Office but was surprised to see Akanbi knocking at Favour’s door...

“ Mr Akanbi... !”

“ Mr Chuks!” Akanbi said very shocked

“ I thought you were supposed to wait at my office...!”

“ Yeah... I just felt I could while away the time with Madam Favour!”

“ Hmm... While away time! I am afraid you are going to the wrong person. Favour doesn’t while away time...”

“ Uncle Chuks!” Mercy and Kenneth called from behind...

“ Mercy ! Kenneth! How are you doing?”

“ Fine Uncle!”Mercy said, but Kenneth couldn’t get his eyes off Akanbi Damino

“ Akanbi Damino... I mean Sir Akanbi Damino... Good Afternoon sir!” Kenneth said

“ Hi, young man!” Akanbi replied

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“ Wow! To what do we owe this visit to the Lighthouse or are you the person who wants to give us the property for the Lighthouse Academy?” Kenneth said in pure excitement...

That caught Akanbi’s attention...

“ There is a need for a property for a school?”

“ Yes!” Kenneth said ...” I am sorry if I was mistaken.!”

“ It is fine! I will definitely have one that may suit that need!” Akanbi said quickly. The businessman in him had done a mental calculation. He knew Ladies like Favour Aribisala could not be wooed with money, but if he could satisfy her need by giving her the property they needed, he was going to be on her soft spot list...

Right there and then, he dialed Shola’s number...

“ Hello SHOLA, how are you? The Lighthouse is in need of a property for their Academy, Like a School property. Which of our properties suits that purpose?”

“Ermmmm.... School property... Unless we give them “ Vicious Hotel” and they convert it to a school, but it is far away from their Home at the Lighthouse!” SHOLA said...

“ Still look around for a property, I don’t mind even if we have to buy!”

Shola suddenly remembered Fred’s property...

“ Unless, we take over Fred’s Property and give him the money due to him” Shola said

“ Oh Fred! “

“ Yes Sir! He sent the pictures of the property. It will be good for a school and it’s quite close to the Lighthouse!”

“ Alright then! Facilitate it and bring me the Papers.!”

Akanbi hung up...

“ It’s done! We have a Property ...!” Akanbi said proudly...

“ Wow! Just like that!” Mercy asked

“ Yes, just like that... I appreciate what Madam Favour is doing here, whatever I can do to support will be my pleasure!”

“ Thank you Sir, but know this that you are not only doing this for My Mum, you are doing this for everyone.” Mercy said

“ Oh! You are her daughter!”

“ Yes, a proud one at that... My mother is just a super being...” Mercy said laughing...

“ You should tell her that we already have a property..!”

“ We don’t jump protocols, Mr Chuks will be the best person to do that!”

“ Alright! Let’s go in and tell her Mr Chuks!” Akanbi said with the hope of seeing Favour

“ No, now is not the right time... I will tell her, much later! Besides I will prefer it as a surprise. I think sorting out everything about the documentation and presenting it to her when everything is perfect will have more value.” Chuks said

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“ Alright, Uncle Chuks see you later!” Mercy said

“ Thanks sir, it is a big privilege meeting you!” Kenneth said as he followed his wife into Favour’s Office.

“ Is there something on your mind sir?” Chuks asked in between their introductory Bible class. He could tell his mind was wandering..

“ Nothing really, just wondering how God could bring a man down on his feet before Him. My wife was always on my neck to give God attention but I was always too busy, but here I am undergoing Bible class... Although I don’t know what I am doing here, but I know I can’t leave here...”

“ I know what that feels like but let me tell you a story!”


“ Holy Ghost Fire!.....” Favour burst into tongues. She stood up from her office table and sat on the floor facing the wall. Mercy and Kenneth knew it was time to leave the office..

Mercy had told Favour the revelation she had. Favour became mad in her Spirit. The dream was related to what the new girl, Joy had come to narrate to her... Favour knew it was time to pray... The devil was brewing something....

Since she didn’t know what it was, it was best she prayed in the HolyGhost!

Chuks was narrating his SCA experience to Akanbi. The story was able to capture his mind...

“ Is this fiction or a real life event...?” Akanbi asked...

“ Real life!”

“ SPERM COLLECTION AGENCY?” Akanbi asked in disbelief

“ Yes...!”

As Chuks continued his story, Akanbi could tell Joy must be one of those Drainers and Slayers...

“ Can the SCA members be in this place?” Akanbi asked

“ No! but sometimes, we can’t be too sure, Tina was a former SCA agent like myself. The first time she came here, she came for an evil assignment but God arrested her afterwards...”

“ Are you sure?” Akanbi asked suspecting Tina could have brought Joy and Shally...

Chuks noticed the look in his eyes...

“ Why are you asking? Do you suspect something?”

“ Nothing...but ...I.... “

“ Please continue...”

“ Never mind... “ Akanbi stopped himself. The fear of Joy not taking out the venom from him made him have a rethink.....

“ Mr Akanbi, I am a friend!” Chuks said....

“ I....”Akanbi started coughing profusely....

Favour was lost in the HolyGhost.... Voraciously speaking in tongues..,.
The entire house was on fire .... everyone caught the fire in different places... Individually, people started speaking in tongues... Favour’s Spirit eye was opened and she saw her body literally on Fire and the fire started spreading ....

Little did she know, most of the housemates began to speak in tongues, even Gloria who was faraway in school was speaking in tongues....

Everyone who had ever passed through the lighthouse, including Sammy started speaking in tongues... Favour had lit the fire and everyone had caught the fire...

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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