( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

“ That’s not the reason we came here Sir! We are here on your Spiritual search and every other desire contrary to that must never see the light of the day!” Shola said diplomatically

“ So, you are saying you are here for me alone and your loyalty lies with me?”

“ Yes sir! Always... my loyalty lies with you!”

“ Even when I do wrong?”

“ It’s my job to always protect your interest!”

“ Good!” Akanbi said “ Girls ... we should see how you can give me that joy you have!”

“ Anytime! Even now won’t be a bad idea...” Joy said seductively

“ Now? How? Where?”

“ Spontaneity makes it more interesting... Anywhere is good, under the stairs, in the toilet, behind the building.”

“ I love adventure!” Akanbi said

“ Sir, I think we are beginning to attract attention to us!” SHOLA said as a way of ending the irritating conversation.

Akanbi looked around and saw numerous questioning eyes feasting on them...

“ I think Now is not the best time for our joyful endeavor...!” Akanbi said

“ 1am ... Guest toilet, Let’s give it a try!” Joy said

“ You are bold!” Akanbi said

“ Only bold people get bold results!” Joy said

“ I hope the result I get from you will be Bold... you know what I mean!” Akanbi said smiling enjoying the flirty talk

“ Absolutely!”

SHOLA disconnected from their conversation.

He wished he could see the Madam Favour or send someone to her with the information of the 1am appointment... At least if she caught them in the act of immorality. It will never cross the mind of Akanbi Damino to ask her out!

It was a perfect plan!

“ Shola! SHOLA! The ladies are saying goodnight!” Akanbi said

“ Good night!” He said but he couldn’t wait to escort Akanbi to his room.

Akanbi and Shola walked towards Akanbi’s room...

“ Good night boss!”

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“ Good night? Won’t you stay with me till 1am and be my watch man ?” Akanbi said laughing

“ Sir...!”

“ I get it, you are tired! Alright ... have a good night Shola. I am going to have a gooood night!” Akanbi said

“ Thank you sir!” Shola said and with that he withdrew himself...

Instead of going straight to his room, he walked towards Favour’s room. He didn’t know the exact room, but he knew where she went towards after devotion.

Fortunately, he saw Ajaara...

“ Please where is Madam Favour’s room, I have an important information for her!”

“At this time?” Ajaara asked

“ It is very important!”

Ajaara took a pause...

“ Last room by the left!”

“ Thank you!”

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SHOLA walked towards the room... He took a deep breath and knocked at the door...

Favour guessed it was Tina. It was only Tina or Ajaara that could come to her room at that time of the day. Favour was in her towel wrapped across her chest...

“ Yes.. Tinaaa!” Favour said on opening the door but she was mightily embarrassed on seeing Akanbi’s PA at her entrance...

“ Jesus!” Favour shouted after recovering from the shock! She slammed the door shut. Shola felt terrible as well...

A surprise round of applause from a dark corner followed Favour’s slamming of the door.

“ Shola, I thought you told me you feel nothing for the Madam?” Akanbi said loudly...His voice made other people step out...

Favour was confused as to what to do, she quickly changed back into her clothes and stepped out...

“ What do you want Sir?” Favour asked the PA...

SHOLA lost his voice, he didn’t know what to say, he couldn’t say what he really came for. Akanbi would have him killed before the next day.

“ I... I....”

“ Madam Favour, I know why he came to you! He is a woman wrapper, a lover of girls... I am sure he thought you were one of those loose girls, that’s why he came straight to your room!” Akanbi said

“ Sir!” SHOLA said in defense

“ Shut Up!”

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“ I have always suspected you to be a pervert and I also know your ways are not right, because I saw you eavesdropping on your boss’ phone call earlier...” Favour said. Chuks wasn’t totally satisfied with what was going on!

“ Let’s hear him out!” Chuks said

Unfortunately, Shola wasn’t in the mood to say anything anymore. He couldn’t believe the woman he was trying to defend actually thought worse of him.

“ I am sorry!” SHOLA walked away with his head bowed...

“ You have not answered me? Why did you go there!” Akanbi said to SHOLA

“ I am sorry sir! I was looking out for you!”

“ Looking out for me? Really? Then I Need you to stop looking out for me... Shola go back home and stay with my son Ropo, when I need you, I will call for you!.”

“ Sir!”

“ You heard me!”

“ Ok sir! I will leave very early tomorrow!”

“ No, you leave right away! The lady said she caught you eavesdropping on my phone call! If not for the years of your loyalty, I would have crushed you!”


“ Leave!”

SHOLA was familiar with the last tone Akanbi used.

“ Ok sir!”

SHOLA went into the room, packed up his clothes and left the Lighthouse.

Tina from her room watched Mr Akanbi’s PA leaving. She felt more relaxed with having him in the Lighthouse than Akanbi.

Chuks was not feeling right about what was happening...

“ God, what is happening? I hope we have not lost a soul?”

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Favour sat on her bed, questioning what she had done...but after thinking through, she agreed with what Akanbi had done. Tina had told her the PA had left...

“ That means Akanbi Damino is a good man!” Favour said to herself.

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde


“THE LIGHTHOUSE SQUAD!” ( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

The time was fast ticking, it was some minutes to 1am. Akanbi had a thousand thoughts flying through his mind...

" You are to focus on sleeping with Favour Aribisala, not one of these small girls....but if I sleep with these girls, I will collect some of their virtues. Yep...but Akanbi your bedwetting may come back... Yes that's true...but if it comes back, Favour Aribisala will stop it..."

Akanbi stood up, he carefully opened the door. Like a thief, he walked stealthily to their meeting place. However, Few metres away from the place, a voice stopped him...

" Mr Akanbi...Where to?" Favour' s voice called out to Akanbi

" Madam Favour... " Akanbi responded. He was frozen on a spot. He quickly turned back...

" You are not sleeping just like me..!" Akanbi said

" Yes... You are having difficulty sleeping? May be it's because it's your first night... You will be fine."

" I am troubled about Shola, he has always been a terrible person, I have tried to change him...but I guess it’s not everyone that can change. And my challenge is that, he is my only close person, aside from my children. I have no true friends..." Akanbi said with a fake sad look.

Favour's heart melted at that...

“ Even the rich cry!” Favour thought

" If you don't mind, Mr Akanbi.. if you want to talk tonight, I have a very good listening ear.” Favour said believing she wanted to be a good person..

“ I will very much love that!”

“ Come with me... Let’s stay in the hall!”

“ The loss of my wife was really tragic. My wife was my everything. I never cheated on her. I loved her like my very life. She left two sons behind. People ask me why I never remarried but what they don’t understand is that any other woman who would try to fit in Ladun’s shoes would do A very big Job. People have tried to match me with different ladies, but most of them were empty ladies. Some desperate ladies even force themselves on me, but I can't settle with anyone ... She is just like you, a passionate woman who carried everyone along... I can attribute my wealth to her, she was also a prayerful woman like you... it is a pity she didn’t stay long to eat the fruit of her labour. That is why, I can’t find myself marrying a trophy wife who just wants to come and spend my money. For years, I looked for that woman but never found her.”

Favour was muted as she felt drawn into Akanbi’s soft eyes...She felt pity for him, she wished she could rub his back to let him know all was going to be well...

“ It's funny you remind me so much of her!” Akanbi pushed again..

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"It is well, may the Lord give you another woman who will comfort you just as Isaac found comfort in Rebekah after he lost his mother." Favour said

" You know the Bible so well...!" Akanbi said " Your husband is lucky to have you . Chuks...I think that is his name.. I mean the man..He is your husband right?"

" No, I am single!" Favour said and for the first time she felt good saying it. Her heart skipped a bit

" Wow...Divorced, widowed, separated?" Akanbi asked

" None... but I am a single mother...Teenage pregnancy"

" So you hate men? "

" No...!"

" So why have you never tried marriage?"

" Issues of life...but I haven't given up on God giving me a godly man. His time is best." Favour said smiling

There was a brief moment of silence...

Favour sensed something was not right...she could feel the seduction in the air, but she was feeling weak to fight it...

" I feel we should go to bed! We will have a better conversation in the morning..Your Spiritual exercise starts tomorrow.."

" Thank you Madam! " Akanbi said with soft eyes...

Joy and Shally had been hiding behind the door, they had been waiting for Akanbi but saw how Favour distracted him from coming towards them.

" This is looking good..." Joy said

" Yes...this will be very easy" Shally affirmed

" Transfer the sexrush and poison into Akanbi, the sexrush will push Akanbi into sleeping with her, that way, he transfers the poison into her and she falls, everyone falls!"

Shola sat on his hotel bed very angry. What was getting him more angry was the voice that kept nudging him...

" Pray for Favour and Pray for Akanbi!"

" Why should I pray for them! They both hurt me tonight. The woman doesn't like me, and Akanbi lied against me...

" I can not pray for them...I am hurt!" Shola resolved as he forced himself to sleep.

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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