PART 29

( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

“ Who is this Lady?” Guthma asked himself. “What Power does she have that made her picture catch fire..?”

Guthma brought out his phone and typed Favour’s name into one of the search engines. With the help of the picture Akanbi sent to him, he located her social media page.

He went through the page and it became clear to him...

“She is one of those strong Christians.!” Guthma realized...

“ But, I need to get Akanbi away from her, so she doesn’t snatch him away from me. Once he realizes how strong she is, she will become his priest...” Guthma did a mental analysis

“ What do I do then?” Guthma asked himself. He was used to speaking to himself.

“ Kill the fire that is burning, the fire is what is attracting Akanbi to her! Quench the fire..” Guthma said out loud to Himself

“ How? If you touch fire you will be burnt. How will I quench this kind of Fire?”

“ She must be the one to quench it herself!”

“ How?”

“ Akanbi himself will be the bait! Akanbi will do the job!”

“ How?”

Guthma smiled! He knew just how to quench the fire of the Christian lady...

Guthma’s name appeared as the caller ID on Akanbi’s phone. Shola was with the phone. Among all the priests Akanbi had, Shola couldn’t stand Guthma. He saw Guthma as a con artist who had Diabolical powers. He was a crafty man...

Shola hid the phone from Akanbi and without Akanbi knowing, he blocked the contact.

“ It’s time for Night devotion!” A voice said from over the Public Address system.

Shola and Akanbi exchanged looks...

“ Seems we are back in secondary school!” Akanbi said laughing

“ A new approach to life is good for the heart!” Shola said in encouragement

Akanbi and Shola left the room and walked towards the hall. Shola looked around the hall. He was overwhelmed by the number of teens and youths this Favour lady was influencing.

“ This is the kind of woman I would love to marry!” Shola thought

Despite his achievements, he was still single and searching for a responsible young lady.

“ But, I believe she is in a relationship with the Mr Chuks, I see the way he looks at her!” Shola concluded.

SHOLA was very fast in getting rid of emotional thoughts from his mind. He told himself, he should concentrate on getting his boss on the right track...

Akanbi’s other phone rang. It was an unknown number...

“ Let me pick that up.. I am expecting a call!” Akanbi said

Shola handed the phone to Akanbi...

“You can go ahead, I will meet you there!”

Shola moved away from Akanbi but as he took a bend , he stopped in other to eavesdrop on Akanbi’s conversation.

Meanwhile, Favour was at her office desk going through last minute search of the Word. Her eye caught Shola’s move on the CCTV display screen in her office.

“ Why is he eavesdropping on his boss’ conversation? He must be a terrible person, someone not to be trusted!” Favour concluded

Favour took out her notepad for writing things she didn’t want to forget...She wrote...

“ Be careful of Akanbi Damino’s PA, he is not a good man, Tell Chuks and Tina to be careful of him!”

“ What did you find out about her?”

“ First let me ask you again, are you with her for anything asides from business?” Guthma asked

“ No, it’s just purely business!” Akanbi lied. He knew Guthma was a very jealous man. If Guthma knew he was searching for power from her, his judgement about her would he biased.

Guthma could tell Akanbi was lying. He was sure he went after her because of the fire she carried.

“ The lady has a lot of Spiritual energy but if you are not powerful enough, she will overpower you and have the upper hand. To get the best out of your business deal with her, you should sleep with her. When you sleep with her, you steal the Spiritual energy in her... I believe you know how this works?”

“ Ye..ah... but this lady is not one of those cheap girls you can bribe with money... She is a Christian....I mean she is a strict person!”

“ Every woman has a price, every woman has a door that leads to her heart. Find out the key to that door!” Guthma said...

Akanbi smiled!

“How come I never thought about this? The best way to collect what a person has on the inside of them is to sleep with that person. Favour Aribisala, be ready to be mine! I can’t wait to have all that you carry in you! That Spiritual power you have is mine now!” Akanbi thought wickedly

Akanbi ended the call and as soon as Shola realized he was done, he walked out from the bend...

“ Shola! “

“ Sir, I need to power up my phones. It seems the devotion might take a while! “

“ Ok, Charge my phone as well!” Akanbi said...

Shola got exactly what he wanted. The phone had an automatic call record. He wanted to know what Guthma was saying to Akanbi.

Shola got into the room and played back the call recording... He almost collapsed...

“ This lady is in trouble!” Shola said

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

Photo credit: Alarmy photo stock

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( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Shola sat through the devotion half heartedly, he couldn’t get his eyes off Favour through out the devotion. The look was the look of pity. He knew Akanbi so well. If he wanted to sleep with a lady, he would give it all it took. Akanbi was a very stubborn businessman. He never took no for an answer. So also was every endeavor he put his heart to; if he made up his mind to sleep with a lady no matter how disciplined the lady was, he would get her...

“Do I tell her?” Shola questioned himself... “ Would she believe me?” “ Would that not be betraying my boss?” “ Or maybe I should speak to boss about it, try to convince him from doing it?” “ No, if I do that I may loose my job!”

“ Tina is the one ministering, why is he staring at me! This man must be a pervert! I must get him out of the Lighthouse... He may cause harm to the teenagers!” Favour kept wondering as she couldn’t help but notice Shola’s piercing eyes on her...

“ Chuks! I have a very bad feeling about Akanbi’s PA, I caught him eavesdropping on his boss’ phone call. I think we should tell Mr Akanbi to have him rent one of those shortlet apartments.!” Favour whispered to Chuks

“ Really! I think he is a cool person!”

“ So why has he been staring at me like a pervert all through out the devotion?” Favour said

Chuks looked back and coincidentally he sees Shola staring at Favour. Their eyes met and Chuks forced a smile. Shola reciprocated...


“ This man is really protective of her! I believe he will be the best person to tell..!” Shola resolved

“ I sense something” Joy said to Shally

“ I hope it is what I am thinking!” Shally said “ Akanbi Damino has been staring at our target through out the devotion!”

“ Well, I didn’t notice that! The PA has been staring at the target!” Joy said

“ So what are you thinking?” Shally asked

“ I am thinking, our target maybe the target of Akanbi Damino as well!” Joy said

“ Is that good or bad for us?” Shally said

“ I don’t know what his motives are! We need to communicate back to base. If he is genuine about what they are doing here or if he has other motives unknown to us!” Joy said

“ Better, so we don’t walk in the dark!” Shally said

“ Cover for me!” Joy said

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Joy stood up and walked out of the hall. She looked behind and made sure no one was following her. Joy stepped into the room she shared with other girls. She brought out her makeup bag and brought out her SCA mirror which is a part of a compact powder ...

She opened her mirror and made her saliva drop on the mirror...

Immediately the mirror’s face changed to “ Welcome to SCA”...

On the screen, she saw the different functions. She selected “ Speak to the Superior!”

“ Hello, 56423... how are you doing? I hope you have all settled in...”

“ Yes, but we haven’t put out any moves!”

“ Ok, so why the call?” Linda replied

“ Akanbi Damino... billionaire Akanbi is here... I don’t know for what! I was thinking if the SCA can run an Enquiry... Will he be a foe or a friend? “

“ Akanbi Damino....he is one of the SCA unconscious donors. Through him, the SCA has acquired a lot of semen from different men.... He should be there to sleep with one of the girls there?”

“Our thoughts exactly!”

“ So who do you think is his target!”

“ Favour Aribisala...!”

“ You don’t say!” Linda said very shocked. She recovered from her shock and excitement took over.

“ You don’t say that we have a common enemy with Akanbi ...I love this! This is going to great... It will be a ripple effect...Once Favour falls, the lighthouse crumbles; Chuks will fall, Tina will fall and all the other kids ... I love this!” Linda said with excitement

“ Ma’am so what are we to do?”

“ Make sure you do all you can do to make sure Akanbi sleeps with that annoying thing!”

“ Very well ma’am!” Joy said as she closed the compact powder mirror

“ What are you doing?” Ajaara said from behind...

“ Nothing!” Joy jumped back in shock

“ I saw you talking to the mirror!”

“ Talking To the mirror? Or You mean to myself? I was talking to myself...”

“ Why?”

“ It is a way of encouraging myself, I tell myself, I will make it despite all I am going through!”

“ So you left the devotion hall to talk to yourself through a mirror?” Ajaara asked with a raised eyebrow...”Why do I find that hard to believe?”

“ What else would I be doing with a mirror?”

“ Witchcraft!”

“ Withcraft? What’s that? Do you believe in Witchcraft, because I don’t?”

“ Well, let’s forget it then... but don’t make this a habit... I mean leaving devotion to come in here.”

“ Ok... noted!”

“So after you..” Ajaara said indicating Joy should leave the room.

As soon as Ajaara and Joy left the room, Vera came out from where she had been hiding. Vera had slept in. She boycotted the devotion and on hearing Joy’s footsteps, she ran and hid Under one of the bunks... She heard all of Joy’s talk but she didn’t hear Linda’s bit...

As Vera rose from under the bed, she was torn between thinking if the new girl was a witch or she had psychological problems...

The devotion was over. Akanbi walked towards Favour with the intention to speak with her, but SHOLA blocked his path.

“ Sir, Mr Fred just sent me a message through his lawyer, that he has a property he wants to sell. If you are interested in buying, you can deduct the money he owes you and you pay him whatever is left.”

“ Where is the Property?”

“ Center of the city... very good property. I believe Fred is under pressure. He probably needs money...!”

“ Ok, discuss with him, if it is something worth it, Let me know!” Akanbi said

Akanbi looked around but Favour was no longer around.

“ Sholaa.... You made me miss her!” Akanbi said but simultaneously Joy collided into Akanbi, deliberately make her bum collide into Akanbi’s front....

“ Oh I am so sorry sir!” Joy said looking very sincere.

Akanbi felt a shiver run through his Spine.

“ Not a problem darling!” Akanbi said.. “Your name?”

“ Joy!”

“ Wow! I am sure you will give me a lot of Joy soon.”

“ If you want...We know how to give men more than enough joy...”

“ We?”

“ My sister & I”

“ Sir, we should be on our way to the room!” SHOLA said as he was becoming uncomfortable with the girl.

“ SHOLA.... you are such a spoiler!” Akanbi said

“ Maybe he is jealous and he wants some joy for himself...” Joy said seductively.... “ We don’t mind a foursome, the more we are together, the more joyful we shall be! “

“ Gross! Hey...we are not here for that! I believe this is not what Madam Favour teaches you...”

“ Guess you are in love with the Madam, I can see it in your eyes!”Joy said all of a sudden

Akanbi took that statement very seriously....

“ Shola, is this true? You like the woman?” Akanbi asked SHOLA with a very intense stare...

“ I....I !”

SHOLA had been taken by surprise. What was he going to say? He wanted to play this card well? If he played the right card, Akanbi could lose interest in Favour....

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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