Photo: Candle lights procession held in Osogbo on Monday 19th October 2020 for the #EndSars protesters killed during Osun governor's visit on to the group on Saturday 17th Oct. 2020.

The Nattional leader of the All Progreessive Congress (APC) has finallly added his voice to the ongoing youths protest accross the country calling an end to police brutality against the citizens.


For the past twelve days, our country has witnessed massive protests by youths in different cities, which were ignited by widespread disenchantment with the gross human rights abuses including torture, extortion, harassment, intimidation and even extra-judicial killings of Nigerians by members of the disbanded Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS). The demands for fundamental police reforms by the protesting youths are in pursuit of our aspiration in our national anthem “to build a nation where peace and justice shall reign”.

Justice as one of our greatest writers has memorably noted is “the first condition of humanity”. A society where those who are paid from the public purse to protect the lives and property of the people become themselves threats to the liberty, safety and dignity of the people; where human life is difficult to distinguish from Thomas Hobbes ‘State of Nature – ‘solitary, poor, nasty and brutish’ is not one fit for free and decent people to live in. Such impunity and lawlessness are incompatible with the values and tenets of a democratic society governed by the supremacy of the rule of law.

It is impossible for anyone truly committed to the rule of law, democracy and good governance to be opposed to the concern and demands of the protesters. There is no way that any society can make meaningful progress without the enthronement of these values. The protesters have for the better part of the commencement of their civil action conducted themselves with an admirable sense of responsibility, restraint and maturity.

This is commendable. Indeed, the high level of organization demonstrated by the protesting youths shows a new level of consciousness of the capability of a vigilant civil society as well as the efficacy of people’s power. This can only ultimately strengthen the country’s democratic evolution and sustainability.

Arnold Toynbee, the great 19th century historian observed that societies progress through a process of ‘challenge and response’. Society confronts challenges such as injustice, impunity, corruption, dictatorship and are forced to respond in resistance and struggle for emancipation.

The result is the triumph of justice over injustice, liberty over tyranny and right over wrong thus enabling the society to be elevated to a higher level of good, accountable, responsible and responsive governance. It was through this process that colonialism, apartheid, and all forms of dictatorship, misrule and tyranny have been overcome across time and space. Our current democratic dispensation was borne of struggle in response to the challenge of military dictatorship.

The impunity of SARS was thus a challenge that the youth have responded positively and courageously to and has triggered the commencement of the fundamental reform of the country’s policing system. But then, the protesters must admit that the President Muhammadu Buhari administration has acted with commendable dispatch by not only scrapping SARS but also accepting the five-point demand that triggered the protests.

This shows a laudable sensitivity to the grievances of the youths. It is only fair that government must be given the chance to implement the reforms demanded by the protesters. This can certainly not be done instantaneously by the waving of a magic wand. If government had not implemented promised reforms in the past, the swiftness with which it has responded to the demands of the protesters this time around shows that that there is a positive change by government both of attitude and of a new sense of urgency.

The protesters have made considerable gains within a very short period. But they should also be careful not to fritter away such gains due to lack of moderation and strategic thinking. For instance, it is unfortunate that hoodlums, thugs and assorted criminals have seized on the protests to perpetrate violence, disrupt civil life and harass, intimidate and assault innocent persons going about their lawful business.

The intent of the organizers of the protests is to achieve stated objectives on police reform, which the government has in principle accepted. It can certainly not be their motive to cause generalized anarchy or effect regime change. If they give the impression that that is their goal, then any government will necessarily have to act with the requisite decisiveness and force to restore law and order and preserve constitutional rule.

The vigour and vibrancy of the protests are an indication of the growing strength of the democratic culture in Nigeria. It is a demonstration of the beauty of democracy and its promotion and protection of people’s power. However, the protesters must be careful not to set the stage for the erosion or destruction of the same democratic process that gives them the freedom and right to protest in the first place. Their democratic right to protest must not be exercised in such a way that impedes the democratic right of other citizens to freedom of movement, expression and the liberty to pursue their livelihoods. The fight for police reforms is surely to promote and protect the wellbeing of millions of Nigerians. It is a contradiction for the protesters to act in ways that will further worsen the economic well being of the very people they are fighting for.

It is important that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) utilize this protest as an opportunity to go back to the drawing board and recommit itself to the values for which the party was formed through extraordinary hard work, dedication and commitment. There is no doubt that the party has recorded tremendous achievements in diverse sectors since 2015. But it now has to sit back, examine the gaps between its promises and its performance in order to make necessary amends.

It is important that all members of the party put aside petty and short-sighted ambitions, needless infighting and unite to support the government of President Muhammadu Buhari to focus on delivering on its mandate for the remainder of its tenure.

In the final analysis, the cure for protracted and delicate national problems is to continue to strengthen the democratic process rather than engage in acts that can lead to generalized anarchy in which democracy cannot thrive. The protests have forcefully demonstrated the reality and potency of people’s power and the new energy must be tapped and channelled to strengthen, not weaken the country’s democracy. Surely, the country cannot remain the same after this.

The government has demonstrated its sensitivity to the demands of the youth and must now be supported to implement the reforms it has committed itself to. It is a good sign that Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu in Lagos and a number of other state governments have speedily set up judicial panels of inquiry into acts of police brutality over the years. I urge the state governments which are yet to do so to emulate this example. This process of change should be supported and this cannot be done in an atmosphere of endless protests that are also crippling an economy already enfeebled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let me commend all our religious leaders, Christians and Muslims for their patriotism and high sense of responsibility at this sensitive time. I appeal to them to call on their teeming followers to call of the protests for now and give peace a chance.



Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

My takes:

While the statement like that of all others  has not in any way condemen the protesters and their demandes, and this is commendable but it's suggestive that the present order pleased the APC leader. 

However, the first thing that Asiwaju Bola Hamed Tinubu shold take note is that this military democracy that is so important to him and others in APC are as worthless as the so called disbanded SARS. The SARS brutalities are as a result of failed government and leadership of the country.

More also, nothing, not even the so called chrished democracy by APC leader as we are practicing it in this country today is so important than citizens lives. Bad governance, bad leadership and corruption at all institutional levels are what responsible for our misfortunes in whatever any sector including police and other security apparatus of the state..

More inportantly, the democracy that is so important to Asiwaju himself for his ambition is no longer for the masses, competent and pro people individuals as it has been monitized under this tyrannt APC regime more than ever.

As the Asiwaju statement is suggesting,  setting the bondries for the protesters on what they must aggitate for and not or trying to limiting the requests and demands of the protesters to the #EndSars is also undemocratic.

The thugs and hoodlums are clearly the agents of the ruling APC, armed with money and weapons to intimidate and harrass the armless protesters, Osun state case was very glearing.

The maladministration, corruption of APC government in the country leading to an untold hardship is already returing Nigerians to the ‘State of Nature – as lifes are already ‘solitary, poor, nasty and brutish’ under APC /Buhari led government of the federation which had since resulted to exploitaions of citizens via hike in petrol pump pirice per liter and increase in electricity tariff among many other effects of bad governance at a time when governments of other nations are helping their citizens.

Youths must extend demands to all areas of our national lives for truly a new and better Nigeria. The struggles for good governance cannot be less but can only be more than the struggles for independence of this country and struggles under the military rules.

And if the need be, depending on the further actions and inaction of this regime, we can as well demand for #EndNigeria by calling for a referendum. No boundary is immutable.

Therefore THE REMEDY FOR NATIONAL MALADIES for now will includes the following:

1. Honestly ensure and EndSars/Swat Now

2. Sack Security Chiefs

3. Reduce Petrol pum Price

4. Create Jobs (Your party promise 3m jobs per year in 2015)

5. Reduce electricity Tariff

6. Stop Banditary and herdsmen attacks, Bring Boko Haram war to an end. (Nigerians are aware of the truth of the war as a runing bussines to fill the puckets of those in government and the senior military officers with our common wealth while the lives of the poorly armed soldiers are been wasted daily in the phantom battle front and the general security of lives and properties of the citizens are God's mercy and that of the killers.

7. Improve Securty geniuely

8. Ensure inclussive government with 50% of the youths. This generation is no longer a go,  go ; come,  come generation like the onces you have been dominating since 1966.

9. End ASUU Strike and ensure pratically self employed education. Our cureent education only producing cheap workforce for the capitalits not even for the state.

10. The amount payable to the politicians must be reviewed .

11. Sign electoral reform bills and ensure complete migration to electronic voting.

12. Review the Nigeria constitution and ensure the regional autonomy hitherto granted by the independence constitution of 1960 and republican constitution of 1963 are returned to the states.
13. A Nigerian president must have at least 1st degree. Enough of tyrannt rulers, we need leaders.

That's how to EndSars protest.

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