It was with rude shock that the youths of Osun State woke up to the news of the suspension of the EndSARS protest.

The EndSARS Osun State Movement make bold to assert in an unequivocal term that most of those that went to grant Press Statement on the Movement's behalf were never recognized as part of the protesters not to talk of being at the elm of coordination. They have little or no stake in the protest that has lasted 17 days and still counting. In fact, they were brought from nowhere to misrepresent we the genuine protesters. This set of persons were handpicked by the government so they could do their illicit bidding, cause confusion and mislead the public.

We will like to put this in clear terms, that these set of characters should desist from impersonation as the Movement won't hesitate to engage in legal actions to prosecute this potential criminals. Let it be known that the revolutionary train of EndSARS, Osun State is no respecter of anybody, we are loyal to nothing or nobody but justice and humanity.

The government should desist from using cheap blackmails and the misrepresentation of the protesters' position to mislead the public, cause confusion and bury their political misdemeanor. We are undeterred and can't fizzle out from this struggle. We will advice the government to address the matter rather than resorting to contracting some persons who parade themselves as the #EndSARS protesters to dish out government sponsored press statements, it would amount to waste of time resources.

We reject in strong terms, the unpopular and controversial egression of the Judicial Panel of Enquiry, its relationship with the government and its suspected tendency to defend the government's interest against the people's. We demand that the membership of this be immediately reviewed. Many of the characters being appointed have never been part of the demonstrations so far and their antecedents is loud enough to stand them out of any pro-masses activity. The members of the panel such as the members of the ignoble and shady Nigeria Police Force that we are still battling with are presented in the panel. The reprobatory and unsavoury member of the Bench is also in that panel; meanwhile none of the active protesters are neither in the panel nor satisfactorily represented. These people, we believe, don't understand the plight of the masses because they have never been on the part of the masses.

They say he who pays the piper dictates the tune. The fact that the government of Osun pays each panelist #100,000 per sitting is nothing but an attempt to buy their voices and further buttress the heinous agenda to promote the government's interest against the people. We demand that all panelists with questionable characters and anti- masses anticedents be immediately replaced with people of good and impeccable character who will work for the people,  justice and humanity and not for money or personal aggrandisement. We also demand that the real #EndSARS protesters be adequately and satisfactorily represented in all the activities of the  Judiciary Panel of Enquiry and must be transparent and all its sittings be publicly televised.

Dare to Struggle, dare to Win.



Olawale Adebayo Bakare (Mandate)

*Mobilisation Secretary*

Olushayo Ogunleye

*Chairperson, Finance/Welfare Comtt.*

Queen Fisayo.

28th October, 2020

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