Prayer points for today 29th October, 2020 by Pastor Timothy Ogunyemi

BIBLE REDING:  Isaiah 49. 


1. Father, I thank You for Your powerful words that created all things. 

2. From the midst of the courses which my father's children are struggling to be delivered, I come out by the voice of the Lord in the name of Jesus.

3. Holy Ghost fire fill my life in the name of Jesus.

 4. Every power that snatches my blessings when I am asleep, be wasted by fire in the name of Jesus. 

 5. Every power ambushing my old age so that it can use my children to afflict me, Holy Ghost fire burn them to ashes in the name of Jesus. 

 6. The room of destiny where my life has been sold, Holy Ghost take me away from there. 

 7. My father and my God cover my life with your glory in the name of Jesus. 

 8. The law of don't go far in my foundation, Blood of Jesus swallow it in the name of Jesus. 

 9. The law enforcer of my father's house loose your grip over me in the name of Jesus.



KOKO ADURA FUN 29/10/2020 

Isaya 49, 

 1. Oluwa modupe fun ohun agbara Re to seda oun gbogbo.

 2. Ninu egun ti gbogbo omo iya mi tin la kaka, mo jade pelu ohun itusile l'oruko Jesu. 

 3. Ina Emi-Mimo, kun inu aiye mi l'oruko Jesu.

 4. Gbogbo agbara to nja ibukun mi gba l'oju orun, e sofo daanu pelu ina l'oruko Jesu. 

 5. Agbara to nduro de mi ni ale aiye mi lati fi ina omo jo mi, ina Oluwa fi won sofo. 

 6. Ninu yara alajobi ti ati aiye mi mo, ina gbe mi jade.

 7. Baba mi, Olorun mi, fi ogo Re bo aiye mi l'oruko Jesu. 

 8. Ofin marinjina ninu ipinle mi, Eje Jesu gbe mi.

 9 Agbofinro ile baba mi, jawo l'ara mi pelu ina l'oruko Jesu. 


Pastor Timothy O. Ogunyemi

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