Prayer points for today, 24th October, 2020 by pastor Timothy

1. Sing a song to the LORD

2. Rain of Mercy without measure, shower on my life in the name of Jesus.

3. God of Mercy, satisfy me with good things this month.

4. All those who held me captive will become captive in Jesus name.

5. God of Mercy, turn my shame to glory in Jesus name.

6. I withdraw my name and my children from the list of those who will die premature death in the name of Jesus.

7.God of Mercy, pour the oil of long life on my head.

Jesus loves you.


 *KOKO ADURA FUN 24/10/20

1.Ko orin nla si Oluwa.

2. Ojo aanu ti ko losuwon, ro le aye mi l'ori l'oruko Jesu.

3. Olorun aanu fi ohun rere te mi l'orun l'su yi, l'oruko.

4. Gbogbo awon ti o de mi, yio di onde ni oruko Jesu.

5. Olorun aanu so yeye mi di ayeye l'oruko Jesu.

6. Olorun aanu so ekun mi loni di erin l'oruko Jesu.

7.  mo fa oruko mi ati awon omo mi yo kuro ninu awon ti yio ku ilu aitojo l'oruko Jesu.

Jesu feran re.



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