BLACK TUESDAY: More than 30 protesters killed nationwide as APC leadership unleased their evil plans to make the country unsecure


Profile picture of Protesters mourning some of those killed in Osogbo, Osun State

The Major General Muhammadu Buhari led APC government in Nigeria is doing everything possible to make every part of the country unsecure for the citizens as they unleased series of terror attacks on the defenseless and armless protesters across the country including the FCT.

When the first plan to hijacked the protests in different cities and states failed, the evil and corrupt APC elites recruited, paid and monitoring thugs attacking the peaceful Protesters, who have been protesting against police brutality, extra judicial killing and bad governance in the country.

Osun State government and the ruling party in the state paid those that are attacking the protesters and causing havoc, extorting and rubbing people and public places as well as motorists in the name of the #EndSars Protesters as way to discredited the group.

Last Saturday, protesters in Osogbo Osun State capital asked the governor of the state Mr Gboyega Oyetola to arrest the leader of these known thugs but refused publicly saying he would had to consult the police commissioner in the state and his attorney general first after these state sponsored thugs had attacked the protesters the same day before the governor's arrival to the popular Ola-Iya junction where the Protesters gathered.

Lagos state government has even backup the their killer thugs with security operatives ad the protesters have defiled all the various attempts to divide and distablised the protesting youths in the state.

The police officers at Ojoo in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital killed not less than five protesters and injured many more on Tuesday.

In Lagos at Lekki tollgate, the military personnel deployed on the orders of the APC killed more than eighteen Protesters. The government backed thugs on Tuesday also attacked and killed Protesters on the Lagos streets. Not less than 10 people was alleged to have been killed by these thugs supported by the security operatives in non uniform clothes shooting at will.

Kano state was also not left out as protesters were attacked by state sponsored thugs. At least 4 Protesters were killed and many injured in the state.

One of the hoodlums arrested by the protesters confessed that he was given #500,000(five hundred thousand naira) to take part in the attacks against the armless protesters the state.

When the tollgate terror was about to be unleased, the authorities in the state ordered the CCTV cameras turn off.

Today alone, more than thirty protesters have been reportedly killed by governments sponsored thugs and security operatives across the country as curfews were imposed in the FCT Abuja, Lagos and Osun states.

APC governments at all levels have failed to delivered on their electoral promises since the party gains power in 2015. It has been surviving on propaganda and blame games while unemployment and insecurity aggravated. The Boko Haram war remained endless while banditary and fulani herdsmen kill at will as the government seemed culpable in the atrocity of shedding the bloods of the innocent citizens.

The government hàa also resulted to aggressive exploitation of the masses via hike in petrol pump price, VAT increment and  hike electricity tariff.

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