I recall my strident criticisms of Bola Tinubu and Yemi Osinbajo on my page and many of my friends thought "Femi haba take it easy on them now". But people didn't realise that I have privy information about these ruiners and verminous pests

But I knew the duo are saboteurs against Yoruba race because of political ambition, how on earth will a responsible adult allowed deployment of soldiers to their land to kill their youths

Unfortunately, Yemi Osinbajo will sit tight and not resign from this administration after this massacre of defenceless youths because he sold his filthy soul to the devil already all because of 2023 Presidency which any sane person knows is transient and transitory and will there be any nation called Nigeria again sef after all what happened

Bola Tinubu is actually a scoundrel, so no surprise at all from him, a man who denied his heritage and roots to bear another name will not whimper or raise a voice against the massacre of his people and even tacitly supported the killing of his youths. He is planning to run out of the country or probably out already. Imagine these scoundrels are the ones referred to as Yoruba leaders

I am devastated now, sad, yet to sleep a wink since last night, mourning and crying for the dead whose lives were cut shut in their prime and there are some muppets out there who called these useless people "leaders" SMH


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