Joint Action Front (JAF) Calls for a Broad Movement to Struggle for SYSTEM CHANGE!

The latest act of massacre of Nigerians brings to fore once more, the point we in JAF have consistently made that: *"... there is a very tiny group of Nigerians who have cornered the wealth that belong to the working people and the poor, who are in majority.

 They loot the Treasury and use their stolen wealth to sustain themselves in power through their political parties. 

They use their power to get richer and richer while the poor get poorer and poorer. 

 This is the system of exploitation and oppression. It is the system that brings out the army and the police to kill poor people when they protest against exploitation and oppression. 

We want to change that system and replace it with a system where the working people and millions of people who are suffering under the system of exploitation will win power and ensure that the wealth of Nigeria is used to ensure a good life for the majority of the people who are now exploited and oppressed.

 Therefore, system change is not replacing one explorer's government by another explorer's government. 

It is replacing an explorer's government by a people's government to reorganize Nigeria and put an end to exploitation and oppression …"*

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