#EndBadGovernance: I am in support of all actions that will lead us to a system change - Comrade 'Dele Abiola


Comrade Dele who was asked to further clarify his position following his recent article titled: The Protesters, The Thugs And Hoodlums & The Looters Of Covid19 Palliative, I Condemned Non!

He was asked: Are you in support of looting of private businesses and stores? Kindly come out clean so we can know where you belong sir?

He said: "I am absolutely in support of all actions and inactions that will eventually lead us to a better state and people."

"There are benefits in every situation no matter how they may look initially."

"There is scientific acts of governance that is why we have what is called Political Science."

According to Ogbomoso born Comrade: "All what many people have been putting up as good opinions to support or against the ongoing issues in the land are mostly on moral, rational, facts, tribal, religion and legal grounds which if placed on scientific emperism, can't stand the test of good governance and can't be beneficial to the society."

"For instance, two wrong can't make a right is a mere moral statement that has no stand in governance, even there is no morality in politics."

"Also most of the statement of facts are usually not truths."

"Analysing the society, it s the fear of punishment more than rewards that makes people functions effectively, so pitching my tent in parallel to Niccolo Machiavelli that prince do not needed to be loved by his people but should be feared and obeyed. I will therefore say, if true democracy, justice, fairness, equality, egalitarianism development, job creation, rules of law etc are our top priorities, our leaders do not need to love us but feared the masses, it is then that the elected representatives will stop representing themselves but the people via appropriate laws and legislations as well as punishment for corruption because lack of justice, fairness and the likes always call for anarchy no matter how long."

"When you go to the origin of hoodlums in this country, why do we have thugs and hoodlums, who breeded them and for what, who are they working for, if they are now attacking some of their paid masters or those who have failed to provide sound education for all, creat jobs and remained unfaiy and dishonest in the management of the affairs of this country, why will I blamed them. Instead I will blamed the Napoleons in our Animals Farm who breeded and armed them for their Political security  for them to remain in power. "

"That we may be forced to think that what the Protesters in one hand, the hoodlums &thugs and the Covid19 Palliative looters in another hand have done are too much, No that is what the laws of actions and reactions dictated, actions and reactions are always the same or equal if in the same directions but not and absolutely not equal in opposite direction. We all want our country to be like developed countries and nations of Europe and America, then we must study how their people have via struggles become the center piece of their leaders and representatives main agenda through the agaes. Unless every negative actions are met with equivalent resistance, we are going no where (this is base on simple arithmetic theory: - × - = +, etc) their findings in police brutality was in hidden until the Protesters stormed the streets"

"On the attack of the private businesses, that was how the authorities wanted it to be and look like in order to give the geniue Protesters the planned bad names. So don't forget that Protesters were attacked by this sponsored thugs and hoodlums before embarking on looting. I don't even mean those innocent citizens who rightly took what rightly belong to them in terms of the Covid19 Palliative hidden across the country."

"This situation is only signalling a climax and diminishing return of a class and an end to an order that has been in charge since 1966."

"We should rather plan for it if we can not support it instead of playing ethics and tribal cards as we can see them doing with series of YORUBA RONU articles which are meant to cause more divisions among the youths who fight to end bad governance in the country."

Comrade 'Dele Abiola contested for a house of representatives seat in Ogbomoso constituency II in the 2019 general elections.

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