( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Favour sat in her room reading a book.

After leaving the 7 new intakes, and taking some scopes from her Icecream, she had slept off.

In her dream, she had seen Akanbi Damino asking her for water. She gave him enough water to quench his thirst. She woke up wondering what she had to do with Akanbi. Favour picked up a book to keep her mind off Akanbi Damino, but it was shortlived.

Akanbi Damino was waiting at her office. Ajaara had been told by Chuks to have Favour come see Akanbi...

“ Akanbi Damino! Again! What does he really want?” Favour asked Ajaara with surprise.

“ I don’t know but Uncle Chuks says he insists on seeing you!”

Favour got up from her bed, looked into the mirror to see if she was good to go.

“ God! What does this man want from me?” Favour asked as she left her room... “He is haunting me even in my dreams”

Favour bumped into Tina who was carrying two cups of Parfait...

“ Oops! Sorry Tina!” Favour said

“ It’s Okay, I got you what you needed!”

“ Parfait!” Favour smiled with a raised eyebrow..

“ Yes...:!”

“ Well thank you! I asked God for Ice- cream and He gave it to me, so I don’t really need parfait, but I will keep it for tomorrow...”

“Really, Well God might indulge us to give us what we want, but as a good Father, He will make provision for what we really need.” Tina said as she walked into Favour’s room. Tina put the Icecream into a bag and kept the parfait on her table.

“ You should leave Icecream for these young ones and take what is good for you!” Tina said flashing her white teeth at Favour...

“ No.! My Icecream!” Favour said running after Tina... It was a funny sight. Ajaara couldn’t help but laugh. Favour got carried away running after Tina around the Lighthouse...

“ Who wants Icecream?” Tina said shouting across the hallway. Some of the teens who had returned from school rushed towards the Icecream. They took it from Tina and like ants, they devoured the Icecream with their bare hands... Favour had baby tears dropping from her eyes as she ran after the teenagers...

Chuks and Akanbi heard the uproar from the office. Chuks left the office to check what was happening, Akanbi followed behind. Chuks watched in Surprise at Favour’s childish game with the teens...

“ Isn’t that Madam Favor ?” Akanbi said in disbelief

“ Ye...ah!” Chuks said

Favour stopped suddenly when her eyes met with Akanbi’s.

“Akanbi Damino!” The alarm in her head rang...

Favour immediately comported herself and walked towards the office...

“ Mr Akanbi , I am very sorry for making you wait!”

“ Not a problem, whoever wants something must be willing to go any length for it!”

“ Remind me again, What is the thing you want from us?”

“The Power you have! Your God sent me to you! Can we speak privately?” Akanbi said referring to Chuks and Tina.

Chuks nodded stepping back from them. Tina showed a bit of reservation but withdrew as well...

Favour and Akanbi stepped into her office.

“ Thank you for agreeing to see me!” Akanbi said

“ Not a problem sir!”

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There was a moment of silence... Both not knowing what to say to each other. Akanbi was wondering how a woman, better still a playful young woman could possess the power that stopped his bed wetting.

Meanwhile, Favour was also wondering why God would send a big and wealthy man to her..

“You need to disciple him. I want you to make a disciple out of him... I want him to be one of my disciples.” Favour heard the inner voice

“ Me... disciple Akanbi Damino!” Favour laughed at what she felt was a joke from God.

Favour saw it as a big joke. How can she who did not have up to a million Naira to herself as her personal money be the one to disciple Multi billionaire Akanbi Damino...

“ Daddy, that joke is so funny!” Favour said once again to the Inner voice.

“ You are laughing? Did I say something wrong?” Akanbi asked

“ No... I mean , I was thinking.... Moreover sir, I don’t believe you can do what it takes to receive the power you desperately want...” Favour said

“ There is nothing I can’t do, I have done a lot of strange things for power....”

“ Like what?”


“ Like swallowing 10 razor blades as a protective charm, by going without food for 21 days while unconscious. I have slept in a coffin for 3 days, should I continue?” Akanbi said proudly while Favour had her mouth wide open in shock

“ And you tormented yourself this much for these cheap powers you got...”

“ A man has to do what he has to do!”

“ I see, that means you will be able to do what you have to do to get this Spiritual power?”

“ Anything!”

“ First and foremost, you need to give your life to Christ, afterwards, we embark on a 40 days journey... !”

“ 40 days journey? My business? I cannot be away from my business for 40 days...”

“ You don’t have to be off your business for 40 days, because it is a Spiritual journey!”

“ Oh! Spiritual journey! So do I have to come here everyday?” Akanbi asked

“ If you want!”

“ I want... I want the Spiritual power...!” Akanbi said

“ Ok... “

“ I believe I will get the power in 40 days and afterwards I will be free to go!”

“ Well, by the end of the 40 days, you will be the one to answer that question!” Favour replied

Favour had no idea what she was saying. She could tell she was under the influence of the Holy Spirit and the HolySpirit was speaking through her...

“ 40 days! God! You mean I get to see this man for 40 days? Why and what do you want me to tell him about you for 40 days...?” Favour said within

“ ..... live in the hotel and report here every morning!” Akanbi was saying before Favour snapped out of her thought, she instantly tried to catch up with what he was saying...

“ Ok! You want to stay at the hotel for the 40 days?” Favour asked

“ Yes!” Akanbi replied “ Or do I have to stay here? I can stay here, I don’t mind!” Akanbi said innocently.

“ No... the hotel is fine!” Favour answered quickly....

“ Why don’t you want him here? I want him here!” The voice chastised Favour

“ Daddy, I am sorry... Akanbi Damino can not stay in the Lighthouse...” Favour said. She didn’t know why she didn’t want him around but it felt strange for him to live in the Lighthouse with them...

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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 ( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

“ What would people say? Akanbi Damino living in the Lighthouse... They will think we have lost our Spirituality and we are carried away by his wealth!” Favour said defending her disobedience to God

“ What if God wants him here, so that the Spiritual atmosphere will aid his growth! What should you care about? What God feels or what men feels?” Chuks said trying to convince Favour. Favour was hoping God would forgive her on this disobedience...

Shola was seated with Akanbi in the hotel room.

“I have a feeling I should be closer to the woman. Shola, very soon I will be all powerful!” Akanbi said...

SHOLA gave his professional smile, but within, he pitied Akanbi. Akanbi still had not understood what was happening, he didn’t realize he was about to be arrested by God. He was still thinking the whole thing was about gaining power..

“ Okay, HolySpirit... I am sorry... I will call him!” Favour succumbed to the Holy Spirit after wrestling for over an hour..

“ Chuks, please call Mr Akanbi and have him come live here, please he is under your watch!” Favour said to Chuks

“Thank God! I believe the HolySpirit has spoken to you!” Chuks said to Favour smiling...

Akanbi’s phone rang, while Akanbi was taking a shower...

“Shola, pick up the call and if it is Ropo, tell him, there is a change in plans. Have him come over here!”

“ It’s Favour Aribisala!” SHOLA said

“ Bring it over!” Akanbi rushed like the call was from the president of the world.

“ Hello Ma...!”

“ Hello Sir!” Chuks said

“ Hello ...!”

“ This is Chuks, the man at the Lighthouse! Miss Favour asked me to tell you to return to the Lighthouse, a room will be prepared for you!” Chuks said cautiously

“ Ok! So I will be living there for the 40 days!” Akanbi confirmed

“ Yes sir!”

Shola whispered...

“ A room for me too!”

Akanbi gave him a questioning look...

“ For security purpose!” Shola whispered back...

“ Ok sir, thank you sir, but can I get an extra room for my PA.”

“ Sure sir!” Chuks said excitedly. He was happy Akanbi Damino was coming to live in the Lighthouse.

“ What did he say?” Tina asked

“ He wants to be here, he further asked for another room for his PA.”

“ Room for his PA?” Favour and Tina replied simultaneously, laughing really hard.

“ This Lighthouse housemate is going to be exceptional!” Tina said sarcastically

Akanbi was shown his room and the moment he stepped in, he almost had a heart attack. His room was more like a cubicle... Shola looked around, he was very sure his boss was going to back out from the arrangement...

“ Manageable!” Akanbi said encouraging himself

“ Yes sir!”

“ You go ahead and sort yourself out!”

Shola left the room.

Akanbi looked around...

“ What am I doing?” Akanbi asked himself

“ I don’t know!” He replied

“Something is definitely controlling me!” Akanbi said

Akanbi paced around...

Akanbi picked up his phone, he dialed Sir Guthma, one of his priests who helped him in researching people Spiritually. He wanted to be sure, the woman, Favour Aribisala was not using charm on him.

“Hello, Sir Guthma, how are you?”

“ My man Akanbi, the Lion himself, how are you, What are you doing in a place with so much light?” Sir Guthma

“ Light!” Akanbi was shocked Sir Guthma could tell he was at the Lighthouse...

“ That’s why I am calling, I have a business deal with a lady so I want to know if she is clean... Tell me everything you find about her!” Akanbi said

“ Ok, send me her name and picture as usual!”

Akanbi ended the call and forwarded Favour’s picture he got online. He forwarded her name as well...

Sir Guthma received the information, he printed the picture out and placed the picture on his Idol... Fire came out the picture and burnt the entire picture...

Sir Guthma moved back from the picture...

“ Who is this Lady?”

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let's be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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