( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Victor walked back to where he was standing initially...

“ You are very stupid!, you wanted to walk out on God because of a slap, meanwhile your life was revealed to you clearly... !” The sensible side of Victor told him

“ God, I am sorry for trying to walk out on you! I am sorry for all my past errors that has led me into problems. Please forgive me for the abortions I have sponsored... please Lord...recover all that I may have lost in Jesus name.!” Victor prayed silently

Favour got back into the realm..

“ Wow, why do humans need to be pushed before they do the right things!” The Angel said to Favour... “That slap was hot!”

Favour laughed...

“ Sometimes, these teenagers and youths need to be chastised.. I mean even God chastises us when we are wrong!” Favour said

“ I agree...” The Angel said

An Angel flew towards them ...

“ I guess your boy’s prayer has touched Heaven... Do You know most people’s prayers don’t get to heaven, it stops halfway... but fortunately your boy’s prayers has touched heaven right now... A Messenger is here to take his goodies for Him...” The Angel said

When the Angel landed, the two Angels used their wings to touch each other’s wings. Favour realized it was a way of greeting each other like the human hug or handshake...

“ Very Well Lord!” The Angel said suddenly. Favour wondered who He was talking to...

“ I didn’t get that!” Favour said

“ I wasn’t talking to you, I was receiving further instructions. We have to go somewhere right away for one of your girls... Gloria.”

“ Oh! Gloria... but I don’t think she is at the Lighthouse right now!” Favour said

“ Yes! She is... Her Spirit is with you all! Ajaara called her over the phone and she is connected. She is praying as well . There is no distance in the Spirit!” The Angel said

Just like a whirlwind feeling, Favour found herself at a graveyard...

“ Oh No! I do not like graveyards, please take me out of here!” Favour said

“ I am here with you!” The Angel reassured Favour.

“ What are we doing here?” Favour wanted out of that place. The place gave her chills.

“ Kalejaye was buried few minutes ago, but before He died, he was did a terrible thing to Gloria. He was the Vulcanizer that used to sleep with Gloria as a young child. He gave her little money in exchange for perverseness. One day, Kalejaye met a friend who introduced him into Money rituals. “ The Angel said

Favour’s Eyes popped as she didn’t like where the conversation was headed...

“ In his search for wealth, he was told he needed to sleep with a girl who had a lot of virtues. He thought of no other person than Gloria. After committing the act of perversion with Young Gloria, the Herbalist took 90% of her Glory and handed it over to Kalejaye. Kalejaye became wealthy using Gloria’s Glory...!” The Angel was saying but Favour was angry at the wickedness...

“ My God, rain your judgement over any man or woman using my Glory to prosper in the name of Jesus...” Favour said

Favour voiced out that prayer and everyone joined in the prayer, including Gloria who was over the phone...

Tamunodiepiriye’s body hit the floor suddenly.... The prayer had hit her as well....Tamunodiepiriye was the daughter of a politician who ran away from home because of the dreams she kept having about her father. Her father would always appear in her dream every month to scrape her hair bald in the dream...

Tamuno knew something was not right! She had met Sammy at one of his ministrations and he had recommended she go hide in the Lighthouse. Sammy had pleaded with Favour to receive her for few months. Tamuno was a well behaved child, so Favour didn’t see the need to send her away.

Favour returned back to the graveyard...

“ The prayer you just called out has liberated someone else!” The Angel said smiling

“ Yes, I noticed Tamuno fell under the power of God!“

“ We will get back to that! Let finish up what we came here for! Kalejaye has just been buried few minutes ago. He died taking Gloria’s Glory with him to the grave.”

“ So we are here to take it back?”

“ Yes! before the dwarfs come here to take it and store it at their Warehouse!”

The Angel moved towards the rich man’s well decorated graveside...

“ Kalejaye, arise and give back to me all that you stole from Gloria !” The Angel said

The man who was dead rose up, and vomited 10 goldlike bars with Gloria’s name on them. The Angel received it from him and together with Favour flew to Gloria’s campus where she was praying over the phone. As the Angel dropped the goldlike bars on Gloria, she felt something electrifying passing through her body...

“ Jesus!” Gloria shouted

Her shout made Haddasah, her roommate look towards her...

“ Gloria are you Okay?” Hadassah asked

“ Yes... I am fine... I am praying!”

“ Ok! but hold on babe... What cream have you been using recently.. Your face is glowing all of a sudden ..!”

“ Same old cream I have been using for the past two years!” Gloria replied

“Really, you are glowing!”

“ That must be God, Can we continue this conversation later. I am praying...” Gloria said as she wanted to continue her prayer with the Lighthouse...

Favour returned back to the Lighthouse all smiles...

“ Thank you Jesus!... We will round off this prayer session now, but I want you to pray this last prayer earnestly... “ Favour said as she opened her eyes... but then she saw Tamuno on the floor... That reminded her that the Angel had not completed his Work on Tamuno...She needed to buy more time...

“ Say this loud and Clear... Anyone who has taken my glory to the grave, Oh Lord my God, Locate them and recover all they have taken in Jesus name!”

Favour said as she walked towards Tamuno. Tamuno also had to be delivered.

To be continued...

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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