( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

Favour found herself in the LOST hall. There were lots of goldlike bars in there. There were no dwarfs in the Hall as well. Favour decided to take a tour . After leaving the goldlike bar segment, Favour saw crying babies hung upside down. Favour shut her eyes in horror. She didn’t need anyone to explain to her that the babies in the LOST Hall were aborted babies.

“ I only aborted one baby!” Favour said in defense to the Angel as he walked towards her...

“ Yes, and there he is...” The Angel pointed to a handsome looking boy. Favour reached out for the baby

“ Please let me have him back!” Favour said

“ First things First, don’t you think you need your womb back? You need your womb to carry this baby and others Jehovah might want to give you.” The Angel said.

With his Mighty Arm, the Angel picked up Favour and flew really high.

“ They hide the LOST wombs really high and far where only few prayers can reach. They know when a woman has a womb, it means she can give birth to another soldier of the Lord who will trample upon the head of the devil, so he doesn’t allow any woman who loses her womb get it back so easily, but Favour , God has ordered the release of your womb today....” The Angel said

As Favour and the Angel got to the highest point of the Warehouse. Favour looked around and saw nothing but in the twinkle of an eye, the Angel broke down a wall . Behind the wall were wombs of all sizes locked in a big Iron cage.

The sound of the wall crashing drew the attention of the dwarfs, they came in droves like little ants. Favour became scared but the Angel picked her up and hid her under one of his Wings. The Angel brought out two long swords that had liquid fire on its blades. Favour watched as the Angel slaughtered all the dwarfs. Whenever the liquid fire sword touched them, they disintegrated.

That single Angel was able to slaughter thousands of those dwarfs.

When they lay dead on the ground, the Angel broke the Iron cage open and called out Favour’s womb. The womb came out on its own and with Favour hands she carried the womb and placed it on her stomach. The effect was tremendous. Favour staggered in the realm , it felt like a tornado hit her. The Angel held her from falling from the great height.

Favour’s body hit the floor suddenly. Everyone stopped praying as she was the one leading them.

“ Don’t stop praying! “ Chuks said to everyone as he rushed towards Favour...

“ Thank you Jesus! Thank you Lord, I got it back...!” Favour said before returning back to the realm.

“ Be strong and let’s get back to other things you are here for!” The Angel said to her.

He lifted her and went back to the LOST babies segment. Favour picked up the boy she had lost through abortion.

“ So can I still give birth to a Male Child?” Favour said smiling

“ Yes if you want to... !”

“ Or maybe Mercy can give birth to him among the ones God has given her already. I don’t know if I can still give birth at my age.” Favour said laughing

“ Sarah gave birth after 90 years old!” The Angel said



Something caught Favour’s attention... A baby dropped on one crowded segment. The owner of that segment must have committed a lot of abortions. There were lots of babies under her name... Over 25 babies..

“ This person has aborted over 25 babies!” Favour said

“ Yes, unfortunately for her... About four of the Children would have made her a force to be reckoned with in the world. One of them would have been an aeronautical Engineer that would come up with a new innovation in the field, Another one would have been the First Female Marine engineer from her town...”

“ Who is she?”

“ You don’t know her, her name Kamila Johnson. She is in a different country from you!” The Angel responded.

“ Can’t anyone reach out to her?”

“ A lot of people have been reaching out to her!” The Angel said

“Victor Osanobor!” Favour saw victor’s name on the Lost babies segment

“ Boys?” She asked the Angel

“ Any man or boy who encourages a lady to abort is also guilty of losing their babies as well!” The Angel replied

“ Wow! 7 babies... He has encouraged 7 abortions” Favour said in shock

“ He paid for 5 of the abortions, he denied one of the pregnancies and the final one, he ignored the lady. He changed his line and out of desperation, the girl aborted the child.” The Angel said

Favour shook her head. Victor was one of the boys in the lighthouse. He was just 17 years old. He came to Lagos to live with his Aunty, but because of his promiscuous case, his Aunty sent him out of the house, as she was scared he could rape her daughters. Victor had been in the lighthouse for 6 months and had been going through orientation and Spiritual growth. Favour didn’t know he had a terrible past like that...

“ Can he get these babies back?”

“ Sure, But I don’t know If that will be today, Because he is not serious with the prayers..”

The Angel opened his arm again and he showed Victor at the lighthouse somewhere at the back of the hall, chewing gum and constantly checking the time...

Favour came out of the realm and Like someone under a strong influence, she stood up , walked briskly towards where Victor was standing...

Favour gave him a hot slap on the face...

“Really? Chewing gum when you should be chewing prayers... Do you know what you have lost? 7 glorious destinies ... I am sure you know what I am talking about or should I make it Loud?” Favour said and she moved closer to him whispering in his ears...

“ 7 ladies have been pregnant for you, and you made sure they aborted the babies, or didn’t you?” Favour whispered

Victor stood still, his face white in shock!

“ How did she know that? I have never told anyone ever, not even my friends!” Victor wondered

“ You are wondering how I got to know? It is called divine revelation, you had better start praying for divine recovery. 7 glorious destinies can still be recovered...” Favour said as she walked away from him...

Victor felt embarrassed and was walking out but Tunde stopped him...

“ You don’t want to walk out on God because your leader or pastor slapped you in anger! Sometimes our leaders in the Lord go beyond what they should do , but if you search within, it was done out of Love... Victor, you were not serious with the prayers...Get serious ! It’s for your own good!”

To be continued...

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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