( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the LIVING WORD.

“ Will the move of God pass me by?” Chuks asked himself silently. This has been his earnest desire, for the Lord to restore him back to his Original self. Back to that boy with great virtues before Laraba introduced him into sexual immorality. To that young man before the SCA got hold of him.

With tears pouring out of his eyes, he knelt before the Lord with hands raised up towards heaven...

“ God, is there no more hope for me, can’t this destroyed life be repaired anymore? Can’t I recover all that I have lost? Can’t I get back all I have lost through Sex, at least You said if your people who are called by your name shall humble themselves and pray, you said you will forgive us and heal our land. My father, I Anthony Chukwuemeka have been praying for a recovery. I have stopped committing sexual immorality, I have drawn closer to you, therefore please Lord, heal me Lord and restore my virtues, Lord I am not even asking for 100% recovery, if I have just 50%... I will be fine..” Chuks said wailing...

Favour found herself back at the Warehouse, this time around she saw the banner..” DONATED”.

The dwarfs were not around, so she had the time to take a tour around. In the Donated Hall, she saw different compartments that were labeled as well...


“ These virtues were donated through Withcraft either by the victims in exchange of power or someone donated another person’s own as in the case of Gambo” The Angel said to Favour.

“ Hmmm...”

Favour saw another sign....SEX

“ These are the virtues donated through Sex, and I know this is where you are headed on behalf of your friend, Chuks!”

“ Chuks! Yes and any other person at the Lighthouse who may have donated theirs likewise through Sex.” Favour said

“ Okay, But we follow protocols. Now it’s Chuks’ turn. Over there, there and there, and there are his Donated virtues... “ The Angel said pointing to different compartments ...

Under the SEX compartment , Favoured realized there were other sub-compartments under it as well...










The list was endless... Favour saw endless compartments and that wearied her...

“ Am I going to search through all of these...?”

The Angel smiled...

“ That’s why I am here!” The Angel said

“ I call upon 50% restoration of all Anthony Chukwuemeka’s DONATED glory by the Authority of the SON....” The Angel said and goldlike bars started flying on their own towards Favour...

“50%?” Favour asked “Where are the rest? I mean 100% is the whole percentage , why give him 50%.?”

“ He only asked for 50%” The Angel replied

“ I don’t understand!” Favour said.

The Angel opened his Upper arm and a screen popped out of it... Favour watched Chuks’ prayer of Him asking for just 50% restoration...

“Lord I am not even asking for 100% recovery, if I have just 50%... I will be fine..” Chuks had said wailing...”


“ Oh My! Why would he do that? Why would he limit his prayers? I have to go tell him to stop that kind of prayer.?” Favour said with concern laced in her voice

“ There is no time, we have other people to attend to, this type of recovery session comes up once in a while. God has his full attention on the Lighthouse at this time. For all those who connect with all of their hearts will have their prayers answered today. God is in attendance at the Lighthouse. He is there in your midst. He just stopped in front of Chuks and Chuks only asked for 50% discovery. God has approved it just the way He approved Samson’s recovery the way he wanted it...” The Angel said and Favour cut in

“ Samson asked that the Lord restore him and let Him die with his enemies!” Favour said with Understanding

“ Exactly!”

“ So Chuks only gets 50% recovery because that was all he asked for!” Favour said again

“ We have to leave now! There are other people to be attended to...” The Angel said

Favour returned back to the physical realm, she saw her image dropping the 50% goldlike bars into Chuks’ Open Hands. Chuks fell down instantly, but Favour wasn’t happy...

“ Why would Chuks cheat himself this way? Why limit himself because of guilt? Why say if you can’t give me 100% recovery , give me 50%. If only he knows how “in charge” God is. He just shot himself in the leg by limiting God’s restoration power. He probably thought God has not forgiven him totally and in prayer felt unworthy to ask God for full recovery...” Favour thought silently in tears and out of that pain she raised a prayer point for the others. She was not ready to shortchange herself in that once in lifetime recovery hour.

“ My Father, I don’t want 50% recovery, I don’t want 80% recovery, I don’t want 99.9% recovery... Today, I want a Full recovery of everything that ought to mine that has been held hostage in the Warehouse of Darkness. Today God, By your Mercy, give me full recovery in Jesus name . “ Favour cried out hoping she could get a new Womb.

“If God was in your front right now, What would you ask Him? I want everyone to ask God for what he / she wants to recover or get and imagine He is right there in front of you! Please don’t shortchange yourself... This time may not come back in another few months or years or decades...Don’t let Him leave your front unless He settles you. Angels are on standby for you to recover whatever you want recovered... “ Favour said in tears to everyone

“GOD, I want....” Favour was saying silently to God , Unknowing to her, God was actually standing in her front to give her whatever she asked...

To be continued...

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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