How Russian MiG-31 jet intercepted US, British war planes near border - Defense Ministry

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The Russian Defense Ministry on Thursday said its MiG-31 fighter jet intercepted two American and British planes over the waters of the Barents Sea.

According to the the ministry statement, the Russian air defenses on September 3 detected two air targets that were approaching the borders of the Russian state. A MiG-31 fighter belonging to the Northern Fleet took off with the aim of identifying them and preventing a violation of the borders of the Russian state.

The statement also added: “The Russian fighter crew identified the two air targets, as they were found to be an RC-135 strategic reconnaissance aircraft for the United States Air Force and an R.1 sentinel reconnaissance aircraft for the British Air Force.”

They added that the Russian fighter returned to its permanent station, after the American and British planes changed course in the opposite direction, and the Ministry of Defense stressed that the flight of MiG-31 took place “in strict accordance with international rules for the use of airspace.”

In recent months, Russian forces have witnessed an intensification of reconnaissance flights by foreign countries near the borders of Russia.

A similar incident was announced earlier on Thursday, when a MiG-31 fighter intercepted a Norwegian patrol plane of the Orion type over the Barents Sea.

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