CORE Supports joint NLC/TUC General Strike, Calls for mass protest, mobilises for global October 1 protest

 PRESS STATEMENT - 23/09/2020

*CORE Supports joint NLC/TUC General Strike*

*Calls for mass protest, mobilises for global October 1 protest*

Coalition for Revolution (CORE) welcomes the resolutions of the leadership organs of the Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress to jointly organise a general strike and mass protests demanding reversal of the fuel pump price and electricity tariff hikes, and an end to anti-poor people policies of the regime.

In unity and organisation lies the strength of working-class people. As the most organised bodies of workers, the role of trade unions in generalising resistance to the exploitation and oppression of the masses cannot be overemphasized. We thus hasten to stress that, much more important than considerations of increased “cost of doing business in Nigeria”, what is at stake as the NLC decision points out is that, the regime’s polices foster impoverishment of “the already impoverished masses”.

In line with the 22 September resolution of the NLC’s National Executive Council “to begin a mass mobilization of the Nigerian people, professional groups, religious organizations, market women, the informal sector and Congress civil society allies towards total compliance” with its general strike directive, CORE urges the trade unions to organise rallies and mass meetings over the next few days to build momentum for the strike. 

Further, we call on the trade unions to stand firm and not be wooed by partial reversals and sweet tonguing of the government. Rank and file workers have time and again expressed their disappointment at NLC & TUC’ for acceptance of tokenist reductions when much more could have been won. This time must be different.

CORE activists are working people and youth at the grassroots. We will be at the barricades with the trade unions, committed to uncompromised fightback. CORE stands for the full reversal of systemic impoverishment of the masses. This puts struggle for total liberation of the masses to effect system change on the order of the day. 

Every single battle, including for the reversal of fuel pump price and electricity tariff hikes has to be viewed and pursued from this overarching perspective of the class war between a handful of exploiters on one hand and the exploited and marginalised masses, who constitute the immense majority of the population on the other. 

Thus, in line with the action plan of CORE for its #RevolutionNow campaign as adopted at its 18 July Plenary Session, the coalition is organising a nationwide and global protest on 1 October. After 60 years of flag independence, the struggle for total liberation must be pursued with all vigour.

The future awaits our stand today. As we dare to struggle, we dare to win. The people united can never be defeated. 

*Baba AYE*




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