Turkey's President Erdogan announced the good news: A tremendous natural gas source was discovered in the Black Sea basin


President Erdogan says Turkey has made the biggest natural gas discovery in the country's history. estimated 320 billion cubic meters GAS.

Erdogan made the disclosure on Fridayin what he called "good news" that Turkey has discovered natural gas reserves in the Black Sea. 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas was discovered in the first field. Research is underway. The reserve will be at the service of the nation in 2023, the president said.

According to the President, Natural gas find in Black Sea biggest ever in Turkish history, reserve estimated at 320 billion cubic metres .

Turkey wants to begin using gas resources by 2023, data shows strong possibility of other natural gas finds in Black Sea , Erdogan said.

Erdogan added that they're expecting similar news from Mediterranean Sea as well.

We are decisive in solving Turkey's energy problems at the root source

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