( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the Living Word.

Favour couldn’t sleep through out the night. The joy of what the morning held for the Lighthouse couldn’t make her bow to the pleasure of sleep.

“ Is this how God works?” Favour kept asking herself over and again...

Tina likewise couldn’t sleep but what was running through her mind was different. She was thinking of the position that she will hold in the school, once the property is given to them.

“ Favour will definitely be Principal, while Chuks will be Vice Principal or the other way round... What about me? What ?” Tina thought on her bed

“ Why these thoughts?” Tina chastised herself as she could smell jealousy.

“Tina, come off this, you are worrying yourself over a property that is not yet yours. Rather than giving the devil a listening ear, why don’t you use that time to pray that the Lord perfects the vow the man has made to God.” Tina said to herself

“Do I have to pray that A man who made a vow should fulfil the vow? It is his vow... ?”

“ Yes, you have to pray..It's not enough that someone promises you something, you have to pray that the person will not be manipulated against you." The still silent voice said to her...

" Hmmm...I will pray about it tomorrow. I am so tired!" Tina resolved in her heart and she turned off her room light.

Chuks saw a man stretching a parcel towards him, but suddenly a group of people who disguised as friends discouraged him from giving the parcel to him. One of those friends had a knife in his hand unknown to the man with the parcel... Chuks woke up from the dream but the pills he had at night was making him drowsy. He went back to sleep.

Favour on the other hand, decided to watch a movie. Her excitement had taken sleep from her. She had two options; it was either to pray or watch a movie in other to kill time. She choose the later option watching 5 episodes of a popular series she had always heard about...

"I don't need to pray tonight, God has answered our prayers already." She told herself.

Fred's phone was ringing at 2am. He knew it was only his wife that could call him at that odd time. She was far away in New Jersey with the children...

" Hello Bolaji" Fred said

" Fred, please what is wrong with you? Why are you doing this to me?" Bolaji said weeping over the phone

" Bolaji! What is wrong? What have I done?" Fred said confused as he wiped the sleep off his face

"Akinbo told me you want to gift our property to a ministry!" Bolaji said

Fred couldn't say a word in reply.He wanted to gift it out before telling Bolaji because He knew she was very tight fisted when it came to giving.

" God is in need of it!" Fred replied



" Really? Fred..I slave myself here in the cold to take care of the children and I, since nothing has been coming from you in the past two years. I even send you money. Now the only property I was hoping that upon completion will start fetching us money, Is what you want to throw away."

" Bolaji, you only started paying the bills, two years ago and you know it's because business went bad. Bolaji, God is asking me to give him this property, who knows this might be my Jesus christ ; my sacrifice that will make me gain all that I have lost. Bolaji, Even God had to lose His only son to gain the World. Let us give this to God, who knows He might give us a Global blessing..."

" Fred! Listen... I am not God, so I will not allow you make us lose the only sure thing we have and I swear if you do this behind my back, I will assume I have nothing left in Nigeria..NOTHING, and that nothing includes you...!" Bolaji said

To be continued



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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

Photo credit: internet stock image

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