( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the Living Word.

Fred immediately reached out to Rosy via a phone call...

“ Hello Rosy!”

“ Hello Uncle! Good Afternoon Sir! How are you doing?” Rosy replied

“ Fine!” He said with a croaky voice

“ Are you Fine? Your voice sounds croaky!”

“ Just woke up, had a nap..!”

“ Oh!”

“ Rosy, I want to ask... the Lighthouse... have they gotten the property they need for the school?” Fred asked as he wanted to be sure if they won’t be having excess.


“ Not yet! It is still a prayer point!”Rosy said laughing

“ Ok.. then I guess they don’t have to pray over it anymore. The Lord said I should give them my property at Okijo.”

“ What?” Rosy replied in shock

“ Yes!”

“ Jesus! God you are so faithful...!” At that Rosy began to scream and with the phone still on her ears she ran towards Favour’s office...

Without knocking in excitement, she barged into the office. By this time, the trio had ended the prayers and were discussing other matters.

“ Miss Favour, I have great news!” Rosy said panting

“Ok!” Favour said as the trio looked at her surprisingly

“ My Uncle has a property he wants to sow into the Lighthouse for the Academy!” Rosy said in a rush

There was a brief moment of silence as the trio wanted to take in the news

“ What?”
“ Really!”
“ Are you serious?” The trio said simultaneously...

Rosy nodded hysterically saying

“ I told him casually how we wanted to build primary schools and secondary schools. I never thought it registered with him. He is giving us the land and the property on it free of charge. It is a big property, Miss Favour...He is on the phone! Will you speak with him?”

Favour was in shock and suddenly went mute. She wondered if it was possible for God to have answered them speedily. She was hoping, it would take about 5 years to raise the fund to buy a property, but here was Rosy saying her uncle wanted to give them a land and whatever property was on it.

“ Can I speak with him?” Chuks said quickly as he saw Favour was in shock at the news. Ever since he returned to the lighthouse, he gave Favour the respect she was due. She was now the Head of the Lighthouse, so he made sure he didn’t cross the line. However, at that point he knew he needed to step in.

Rosy handed the phone over to Chuks after getting a silent approval from Favour.

“ Good Afternoon Sir!” Chuks said

“ Good Afternoon!”

“ Rosy said...”Chuks was saying but Fred cut in

“ Yes, she is right and please you don’t need to thank me, I am doing this for God! I trust Him to do great things for me in return!!” Fred Williams said



“ And He will, Sir! No one gives unto the Lord and goes bankrupt. He is a good partner in business. By trading with Him with this property of yours, be sure of profits, and returns on investment. This is Kingdom investment that doesn’t fail.” Chuks said confidently.

“ I know! Thank you so much! When can we see, so I can do the proper handing over?”

“ Anytime that is convenient for you!”

“ Tomorrow?”

“ Fine Sir!”

“ Alright, I will be coming with my lawyer!”

“ Perfect! Our lawyer will also be around!”

Chuks dropped the call and together with the others, they screamed and jumped around in the room in joy like teenagers..

“ Who did this?” Chuks screamed

“ Jesus!” Rosy, Favour and Tina chorused...

Their noise drew the attention of the other housemates and they rushed towards the room ...

The news spread like wildfire...

Followed was one hour of praise in appreciation of what God had done and was going to do with the Lighthouse Academy.

Later that evening, Favour made a call. She reached out to Mercy and Kenneth telling them the Goodnews... Mercy couldn’t stop her tears...

“ We will be there tomorrow Mum... We can not miss tomorrow for anything..I can’t believe How good God has been to You and Uncle Chuks! I see greatness ahead, I see even a university in the making!”

“ Amen Prophetess Mercy!”

Favour couldn’t help but shed a few tears...

“A penny for your thoughts” Favour said to Chuks

Chuks turned to his friend, Favour...

“ Thank you!” Chuks said with misty eyes.

Favour was a bit taken aback at his red puffy eyes...

“ Are you Okay?” Favour asked in a whisper

“ Yes! I am fine... Just thinking about my journey and how you have been a huge part of it.. Though I have my regrets ... I wish I didn’t have the potholes that has caused damage to my bodily vehicle“

“ No matter how damaged a car is, it can be revamped!”

“ I have had too many chances and Sometimes I wonder why!”

“ God never loses hope!”

“ Yeah, and you also didn’t lose hope in me, thank you for being that Jonathan kind of friend to me.!”

“ You are always welcomed... So why don’t you come out of this mood and let’s plan towards LIGHTHOUSE ACADEMY.. We need to start discussing registration with the Academic body!”

“ Yes! and other things!” Chuks said smiling... He wished he had not messed up earlier, Favour would have been the best wife for him...

“ Give, or lease?” Lawyer Akinbo said in shock over the phone...

“ Outright giving!” Fred confirmed again to the shocked Lawyer

“ Why?”

“ The Lord said I should give it out to the ministry!”

“ The Lord? Did the Lord know that you are Owing about 10 million Naira , Which if you sold the Land, you could get the 10 million to settle your debt and have surplus left; from it you can give the ministry something and keep the change!”

“ The 10 million debt has nothing to do with my property, it is a debt incurred from a business deal gone bad... and I have told you I will pay it back from the profit from another business, not using my property!”

“I know, I am just saying giving when you are in debt doesn’t make sense, and besides you know who you are owing this money? You are owing Akanbi Damino, the tyrant...”

“ I never wanted to go into that business, you literally pushed me into it, the HolySpirit kept warning me against it, but I listened to you instead. Now I am indebted to one of the most difficult businessman in Nigeria!”

“ This is no time to push blames , but to do the right thing. As your lawyer, I will advise you think well about your situation... It doesn’t make sense to give to “ the Lord” when you don’t have enough, or surplus and even worse when you are in debt or what do you think?” Lawyer Akinbo said hoping his client and long time friend would buy himself some wisdom at that point.

To be continued



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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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