( The sequel to *Teacher Chuks*)
©️Opeyemi O.Akintunde
As Inspired by the Living Word.

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Akanbi saw a clip that had a white silky curtain covering whatever was behind it. He tapped on the clip, he tried zooming in but he couldn’t see what was behind the curtain...

“ Who is behind this curtain?” Akanbi said very troubled. He knew there was fire on his mountain.

“ I can’t afford to be pulled down by anyone!”

“ Amen!” Favour said “ Let’s Appreciate God for answered prayers!”

“ Please before we do that! I want us to pray to God for the property we need. The property for the Lighthouse Academy. That God will give us a place that will be a boot camp for raising an army of new generation spiritual soldiers.” Tina said

Mr Fred Williams woke up from his afternoon nap. He had a strange dream.

He saw himself on his abandoned property. He was looking around seeing how the land was laying waste.

“ You should give it to people who really need it. It will be counted unto you as righteousness... Your children don’t need it, I will bless them in the foreign land they are, besides you haven’t seen anything yet . What I have in store for their lives is more than what you can imagine. Give this property of yours to the LIGHTHOUSE. They need it!” A man said to him

Fred Williams tried to say something...but the man cut in

“ Fred! Is there anything too big to give to me? By giving this property to the Lighthouse, you are giving it to me, because through lighthouse I will touch a lot of lives. You become one of those that beautify my feet...”

“ Beautify your feet?” Fred asked

“ Come over here!” The man beckoned on Fred...

Fred went over to him and they sat on one of the windows of the Uncompleted building ...

“ You remember Mary who poured oil on my feet?”

“ Yes!”

“ What does oil do to an engine?”

“ It makes it work better, it makes its operation smooth!” Fred replied

“ Good! So what does the feet signify?”

“ Taking over territories or dominion!”

“ Good! Can you remember this Scripture “Beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel “

“ Yes Sir!”

“ Hence, when a person supports a preacher’s ministry with gifts or money, the person is oiling the feet of that minister. He is making that minister do the work of God better, the work of taking over territories for Me...”

“ Hmmm... “ Fred said

“Son, Mary oiled my feet and she was the first person to see me after I resurrected... Anyone who oils my feet, anyone who supports the gospel with their resources, anyone who breaks their Alabaster box of expensive oil for evangelism or repairing lives, Fred that person will see me appearing First in their situation. I will ensure the person gets the first blessing at all times... The person’s children will be the first among their peers, the person’s business will be the first .” The man said to the attentive Fred.

“Fred will You oil my feet by giving the Lighthouse your property? Beautify the feet of them that preach the gospel...Beautify the Lighthouse with your resources; in this case, your property.”

“ Hmm... God, you know I can give you anything you ask of me, but apart from where I live now, this is the only property I have. “ Fred said

“ Give it to me, the widow gave her ALL and to me it was worth more than those who gave some out of the plenty they had... Give me the property!”

Fred had woken up from that dream! He had heard about the Lighthouse from his niece, Rosy. Rosy was a difficult youth he had been praying for after his sister; her mother died.

He was surprised to have seen Rosy three months earlier looking clean and sober. He had asked what happened...



“ Lighthouse!” She had replied

“Lighthouse? What’s that? A church?” Fred had asked

“ No! A Ministry...More like a group of people who live in a house headed by Some passionate children of God.. More like a shelter!” Rosy had said

“ Ok!”

“ A friend invited me over to one of their programs and I got stuck. I have been living there for two months..!”

“ Two months and you are like this!”

“ Yes! I just wish they had more supporters!”

“ Supporters?”

“ Yeah! they have this big vision, part of which is having an academy where the kids at the shelter can attend. You know like a real school and I can tell you Uncle, the result will be massive.. It will be an orientation center for future evangelist and reformers.” Rosy had said.

Rosy had said that to him three months ago, After which he started following their social media page to see their works...

But could he let go of the only property he had for the Lighthouse?

To be continued



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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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