Israeli and Palestinian forces trade cross border fire as Anti-Netanyahu Protest hits DC

Sydney, London, Cambridge, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco also set for Sunday

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The Israeli army spokesman reported that there were exchanges of fire between the army and the Palestinian forces near the border fence with the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army spokesperson, Avichay Adraee, tweeted on Sunday that gunfire was heard at the security fence in southern Gaza, which resulted in the suspension of work there.

Adraee said that gunfire was fired from the Gaza Strip towards an Israeli military force that rushed to the area without causing any casualties.

No further details were released.

Last week, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched airstrikes over the Gaza Strip, following accusations of launching incendiary balloons towards the settlements bordering the Palestinian territory.

Meanwhile, Protesters will demand that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resign due to his alleged corruption at a demonstration that will be held on Sunday morning outside the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC, JPOST reported.

The international protests, which were first reported in The Jerusalem Post, have spread from San Francisco to England, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Canada and across the United States.

"Although we live, at the moment, outside of Israel, Israel is still our home, our culture, said Yoni Charash, who will attend the Washington protest. "This year I was released from my duties as an officer in the IDF's reserve forces and for me to join the protest even from here, out of my love for Israel and precisely because I care so much about it, is the best service I can do right now for Israel. I see from here how and where the country is deteriorating, and I am genuinely afraid that if there is no real change, which must begin with the removal of a corrupt and criminally charged prime minister, my children and I will have nowhere or for what to return home."

The protest movement against Netanyahu by Israeli ex-pats abroad is gaining momentum. For the past seven weeks disgruntled Israelis have flooded the streets of Jerusalem and other major cities in Israel, demanding an end to alleged corruption in Israeli politics and calling for Netanyahu to step down. Now they are getting support from Israelis abroad.

There was already a protest held on Sunday near the Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia. More demonstrations are set to take place on Sunday in London, Cambridge, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Demonstrations were held in Miami and Boston on Friday and in Basel, Switzerland on Saturday.

"These are not demonstrations of Right and Left," international protest leader protest leader Offir Gutelzon said. "In Los Angeles, there are right-wing people who don’t want an indicted person to be Israeli prime minister and want to maintain Israeli democracy."

In a statement, the UnXeptable protest movement explained that their motivation was to challenge a prime minister indicted for criminal bribery, a situation they believe threatens the foundations of Israeli democracy. They called upon the people of Israel to band together to fight against a culture of corruption and fear mongering, and to reinstate the values upon which the State of Israel was founded.

Gershon Diner, of UnXeptable San Francisco told The Post: "We are the native Israeli ambassadors. We are tightly connected to the state of Israel and the people who protest to defend our democracy. The faithful ambassadors will always be involved and stand by our state, regardless of their location. We cannot let a corrupted prime minister tear us apart and ruin everything our founders established in the past 72 years. We are demanding the obvious, NO to corruption, NO to bypassing democracy, NO to violence, and PM Netanyahu is the cause for these violations."

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