AAC Clocks 2 years, Party leaders say no shaking

Leonard is an impostor!

Buhari's  closure of the schools, bastardisation of the economy solid rocks of poverty and insecurity 

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The Nigerian revolutionary party, African Action Congress (AAC) on which platform Mr. Omoyele Sowore the publisher of Sahara Reporters and many other activists and lovers of a new Nigeria contested in 2019 general elections to challenge the status quo of the evil cabals of both the PDP and APC clocks 2 years.

The party was registered with the Nigeria's Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in 2018.

The leadership of the party has said there is no shaking, despite the intra-party crisis that has resulted into the ongoing court cases as well as the phantom APC/Buhari led federal government cases against Sowore, the party's Presidential candidate in the last general election who also doubles as the national chairman of the party.

The Oyo state chairman of the party, Comrade Ogunlana Rotimi, speaking to our reporters in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, said the revolutionary part (AAC) has clocked two years and for him and anyone who really understand the Nigerian politics and politics at large, there is no iota of shaking as whatever has been happening since the registration of the party in 2018 portrayed what AAC stand for, adding that the core of the party ideology still remain undiluted.

According to Comrade Rotimi, while relating the history of how the party was birthed said, it was Dr Malcom Fabiyi , Dr Leke Otunuga, Omoyele Sowore and Ogunlewe Dotun and other concern Nigerians who after a town hall meeting in early 2018 in the New York City came up with the TIB (Take It Back Movement).

He added that shortly after the launch of the movement in the US, February of the same year, Sowore came back to the country and organised a kind of orientation and citation in Lagos and there after, in April 6th of the same year, the TIB was launche in Ibadan, Oyo state where more than 8000 participants were in attendance with Dr Femi Aborisade among the dignitaries. The programe was anchored by Edmond Obino.

"With the high moral of the Ibadan event, town hall meetings were later organised in Abuja and other states of the federation with the ideology that the glory of the country (Nigeria) must be back and restored, redeem the economy and all works of life. But with many thinking then about which political party will present or allow Omoyele sowore in that election."

The party leader said, unknown to many, Dr. Fabiyi and Sowore had registered the party just as was the biblical birth of Jesus Christ was unknown to Herod. He said AAC came as a joker with full understanding of the Nigeria and African politics and as such the party can solve Nigeria and African socio-political and economic problems.

What differentiate AAC from other parties according to Oyo State Chair are party's attributes: the party run organic campaigns without any corrupt politicians funding its activities, transparent in term of the management of the campaign fund (the party published the amount generated and how it was spend) , no do or die election (the party campaign against it, for instance, when APC adopted the party's candidate in Rivers state, Omoyele Sowore was emphatic in condemning the APC intention of bad politics of do or die). The party's candidate himself is a freedom fighter fighting for the masses and the development of the country since the days of the military juntas up till now.

"He opined that Omoyele Sowore holds the chairmanship position of the party in order to save the party's ideology from the impostor Leonard Nzenwa who for the long has been using the AAC party to negotiate even with the very politicians the party wanted to ousted out of the corridor of power,"

"Leonard Nzenwa is and impostor in AAC!"

"Leonard has been using our party to enrich himself against the interest and Ideology of the party." He said.

"The party has achieved victory, despite the fact that the party is a light in the darkness of Nigeria's political space, as a truth just coming into existence, it has followed the three stages proscribed by a French philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788–1860) who said it will be ridicule in the first stage, then violent opposed and worldly accepted as a self evident in its second and third stages. 

Right from the inception, AAC was ridiculed (how many are they?) and then violently opposed when they realised that what  party leadership are saying are blatant truths which are acceptable to the Nigerian populace. 

Other party leaders such as Comrade Dele Abiola who was the party's house of reps candidate in Ogbomoso Constituency II and comrade Tejumola who is the party's publicity secretary in the state also echoed the Chairman's positions.

The Party presented opportunities to many qualified and competent Nigerians to express their intentions to take the country back and out of the woods without godfatherism, Comrade Dele added.

As a revolutionary party, AAC has been demanding five basic things from the federal government which the party uses as its manifesto:

SECURITY: if there is no security, investors will never come to the country to invest.

JOB CREATION: The Muhammadu Buhari led federal government lack basic know-how on how to create employment opportunities for the Nigerian able graduates and youths as the unemployment rate remain on the alarming increase.

CORRUPTION: The APC/Buhari led federal government has openly demonstrated itself has the father of corruption in all facets.

WORKERS WELFARE: Nigerian workers has been poorly catered for. AAC promised to pay minimum wage of #100,000:00 to the least worker.

HEALTH SECTOR: Nigerian lives deserved to be improved health-wisely, the party frown at the redundancy mood of the incumbent leadership of the country and very poor handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the destruction of the livelihood economy of the many Nigerian homes which this current government has never created and can never create. 

The closure of the schools and bastardisation of the economy under this administration are another solid rocks of poverty and insecurities of all shorts. The handling of the pandemic by the APC government has demonstrated gross lack of capacity.

As things stand in the country today, Nigeria state and indeed Nigerians need deliverance from the yokes of APC/Buhari bad governance, corruptions and misappropriations, illegalities and lack of respect for the constitution, rules of law and basic fundamental human rights been trampled and infringed upon by the enemies of people in corridors of power.

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