Syrian Assad meets Russian special envoy

Lavrentiev conveyed to President Assad, and through him to the Syrian people, President Putin’s congratulations on the success of the recent elections of the Syrian People’s Assembly, “which confirms the support of the Syrian people to the state’s approach to achieving stability and improving living conditions,” according to what the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic said in a statement.

During the meeting, they discussed developments in the situation in Syria, where it was stressed that “some countries continue their aggressive policies, especially at the political and economic levels towards the Syrian people, and their continued interference in their affairs is the main factor in the continued presence of terrorist organizations in some Syrian regions and results in the undermining of stability and endangers the lives of the Syrians and the stability of the region as a whole in general. ”

The meeting also discussed the ongoing preparations for holding a meeting of the Constitutional Committee in Geneva next month and the need for various international parties to work to provide the appropriate atmosphere for the committee to carry out its work according to the principle on which it was formed, namely, with the leadership and ownership of Syria and without any pressure to influence the course of its work.

During the meeting, the two sides affirmed their determination to “continue and intensify joint work and follow up on the development of bilateral relations and make efforts to find solutions to the difficulties resulting from the policies of some Western countries against Syria and mitigate the effects of unfair sanctions imposed on the Syrian people and assist them in facing the consequences of these sanctions, including addressing the Corona pandemic.”


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