Senior Iranian military officer killed in Syria by US/Israeli backed ISIS - Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran on Saturday, 11th July 2020 announced the killing of a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards officer named Ibrahim Asmi in Syria.

“Asmi was killed in the last few days in Syria,” according to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps commander, Rustam Ali Rafii .

Rafii pointed out that Asami was killed “a few days ago”, adding that he was buried in the Iranian western province of Alborz.

Persian forces have been supporting Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in his battle against US/Israeli and NATO backed opposition groups which have been working to oust him since the start of the country’s civil war in 2011.

While the Iranian Revolutionary Guards did not provide more details about the death of Asmi; however, there have been reports of new attacks by the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) in eastern Syria which Iran claimed US and Zionist Israeli regimes are the sponsors.

Before this latest lost of another IRGC strongman Asmi, Iranian Tasnim news agency reported last week quoting the new Quds Force Commander, Ismail Ghaani, as saying during his first visit to Syria that Iran is confident that the conspiracies of US and Israel criminal regimes are not over.

“Given the existence of this organization (ISIS) under the administration of the United States and the Zionist regime (Israel), we can be confident that the conspiracies of these two criminal regimes are not over,” Ghaani said in Syria during his first visit since the death of the late commander of the Quds Force, Major-General Qassem Soleimani.

Also, the IRGC recently commented on the news circulated about the “killing of the commander of the Air Force in the Revolutionary Guards, Ali Haji Zada, by an Israeli raid in the eastern countryside of Homs.” The IRGC denied the news about the Air Force commander, stressing that “Hajji is safe.”

Meanwhile, on Friday, not least than 35 pro-Iranian militia fighters were reportedly killed in an unidentified attack in eastern Syria, reports confirmed.

Two leaders were among those targeted in the assault that struck a convoy near the Syrian side of the Syrian-Iraqi border, near the city of Albukamal in the Deir ez-Zor governorate, local sources told Anadolu Agency. 

A number of military vehicles were destroyed in the attack.

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