IRGC commander Admiral Ali Reza Tunsgiri reveals underground missile bases along coast

The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Admiral Ali Reza Tunsgiri on Sunday said Iran had built underground missile bases along the Islamic Republic’s Gulf coast, warning of “a nightmare for Iran’s enemies.”

Admiral Tunsgiri told Reuters that “Iran has established missile bases by land and sea along the coasts of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, which will be a nightmare for Iran’s enemies .”

He added that : “As you know, the highest range of our naval missiles in Tagus time was 45 km. It gave a Harbin missile, with technology about 50 years ago and a range of less than 50 km and the end of the Tagut era, but he did not have the opportunity to test the missile. Because the revolution won.”

According to him, “tfter the revolution, the heroes tested it. The American military advisers controlled all the equipment, from ships to destroyers, they built their barracks and their own buildings,” he said, pointing out, “After the revolution, work began on the armed forces and the Ministry of Defense as well as the Navy itself, and these products were built because of the repressive sanctions.”

Iran has offered samples of the updated Soviet armored vehicles, the most noteworthy of which is the PT-50 PK. In addition to upgrading old military equipment, the Persians has also developed their own weapons, many of which, are proving incredibly powerful.

In June, IRGC showcased several missile systems and new weapons to boost their combat capabilities and highlight their domestic ingenuity.

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