China responds to Indian Prime Minister’s visit to disputed border

Responding to the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the border area between the two countries, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that no party should participate in measures leading to an escalation of tension.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry stressed on Friday that China and India should work to enhance coordination to support peace in their border region.

Modi visited today the Ladakh region in the northern Himalayas after weeks of tension between the Indian and Chinese forces over the disputed borders there, which led to deadly clashes between the two countries.

The media released photos of Modi in military uniform while meeting with army chiefs in the border area.

India and China shared the blame for the clash in the Galwan Valley on June 15, when 20 Indian soldiers were killed and at least 76 others were injured.

While China has not disclosed the number of losses inflicted on its troops, the Indian Prime Minister is under pressure to respond to what India considers Chinese incursions.

Source: RT

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